How to ban a user?

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1. Login to the chat as Admin user.

You will need to be an Admin to delete messages. If you wish to create a new admin user, Please refer to this guide: Create an admin user.

2. Click on a User name

Click on a user name on the left users list.

This will open the private chat plus moderation panel.

3. Kick or ban a users

If this user misbehaves, you may select the appropriate action.

Disconnect – A warning, this will remove the user from the chat, but allow them to reconnect in a few seconds.

Ban by IP – this will remove the user from the chat, and disallow access from their current IP address. If the user was logged in with a RumbleTalk account, that account will be removed from the chatroom.

4. Un-Ban and IP

You can remove users from the Ban IP list by going to your admin panel, to the banned IP list and remove the ip.

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