How to add a chat to your angular project?

Add a chat to your Angular website using NPM

npm install ngx-rumbletalk

example of usage is:

<ngx-rumbletalk [hash]=”hash” [height]=”300″></ngx-rumbletalk>

where “hash” is the variable holding the chat hash

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Why my token expires?

Yes. Indeed, Tokens expire.

You can read more about JWT here, which is the type of token we use.

You can not get a non-expiring token. But if you use our SDK, there’s a function called renewalNeeded that tells you if the access token is valid or not, so that you can replace it when needed.

** If you need a long term token (for years), please contact us at support

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What is Token?

To start using the RumbleTalk REST API, you must first authenticate your requests. RumbleTalk REST API offers two types of authentications, read more in here

You may read more also here: JWT, which is the type of token we use.

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