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About us

Once upon a time, soon after the advent of the internet, the chat room was born. Everyone loved the chat room because it brought people from all over the world together to communicate about their common interests. But when new technologies emerged, chat room fans found different ways to connect and left the chat room behind.

In 2012, a geeky fellow found the chat room abandoned and out of date. Then Eyal, Nim, Lacie, Kirill, and Denis, decided to coach and train the chat room. They called their mission RumbleTalk.

The RumbleTalk team taught the chat room to be REALLY STRONG. AND REALLY FAST!

The chat room learned to be everywhere at once! And he learned new flips and tricks! The RumbleTalk team gave the chat room a new style and a new name. Group Chat became a superhero, saving communities around the web! Faster, smoother, with low latency and intuitive features, group chat was back in the game!

The RumbleTalk Team

RumbleTalk was founded in December of 2012 with the purpose of bringing the chat room into the 21st century after a fruitless search to find a mobile friendly chat room service. The company continues to grow as communities around the world rediscover the power of group chat. Team RumbleTalk now consists of employees working remotely from United States , Tel Aviv, Russia, and India.