Connect your user base using the RumbleTalk JS SDK

If you have your own user base and wish to connect them to your RumbleTalk Chat,
you can use the below API instructions to set it up.

  • With the RumbleTalk JS SDK, your users will not need to login to the chat.
  • With the RumbleTalk JS SDK only registered users in your database will be able to login

Administrator - prevent the regular login option

  1. Log-in to your administrator panel
  2. Go to your chat Settings
  3. Click on the Login tab
  4. At the bottom of the page, check the "Automatic login (using your own users base) - removes the login interface" option under "Advance"
Using RumbleTalk API - sdk to auto login to the chat

Administrator - Set your user preferences.

You will need to choose, at least, one type of login option.

  • "Guest" - Using your user base as a nick name only.
  • "RumbleTalk" - Using your user base combined with predefined users in RumbleTalk.

Note: If you have chat moderators, check the "RumbleTalk" option.
You can still use the "Guest" option and when a user will log-in with a nickname (User name) that exists in your RumbleTalk's predefined users, he or she will be prompt to enter a password.

What to do on your end?

First, add the following code to your website. Preferably at the <head> section.

<script type="text/javascript">

Secondly, get your chat hash code as shown in the image below:

RumbleTalk hash code for integrating with SDK

Then add the following code when a user has been authenticated.

<script type="text/javascript">
        hash: 'YOUR_CHAT_HASH',
        username: 'USERNAME',
        password: 'PASSWORD'
  1. YOUR_CHAT_HASH - 8 characters code, representing your chat (see the image above; it can be found in the dashboard)
  2. USERNAME - The nickname of the user. * This field should be changed based on the authenticated user.
  3. PASSWORD [optional] - The predefined password. * If you're using the "Guest" option, this field is optional