How your users can control their chat profile and access?

There are several options to log in to RumbleTalk.

  • Guest Login
  • Facebook Login
  • Twitter Login
  • JS API Login
  • Chat Members  (Chat owner registered them)
  • Register to Login (Users will need to register before logging in)
  • REST API Login  (API to refister and import users)
  • Paid Access Login (PayWall – Users pay to get access to the chat)
  • Paid Access Subscription (PayWall – Users pay a recurring subscription to get access to the chat)

The users that logged in using the bold login options above can control their profile and access info. We give your registered users an easy way to change the next info:

  • User name
  • Password
  • User image (change the avatar url)
  • Request to be deleted (not automatic)
  • view chat login history

Give this URL to your users so they can change their details after verifying their email address.


Clicking on the Login information, a user can see when he/she logged-in to the chat in the past and from what IP.

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Login as a chat admin (moderator)?

Logging in as an admin user is essential for managing your chat. When you login as admin, you will have option to disconnect users, ban them and if set you can have a live private chat (including video and audio chat).

So before you will be able to login to your chat as admin (moderator), you will need to create an admin user in the Users section.

1. Access your dashboard

First, log-in to your RumbleTalk account.

2. Access the administration panel

Click on the ‘Settings’ link on your admin panel.

chat settings

This will open your chat’s settings.

3. Open to the user management panel

Click on the ‘Users’ tab. You will see the list of your defined users. 
* This list will probably be empty at first

4. Create a new user

Click on the ‘Add new user’ button at the top of the opened tab.

Switch to the 'Manage Users' screen

This will start the new user creation process.

5. Assign administrative privileges

Fill in a username and a password for the user. 
Then set the “User role” to “Administrator (room)”. 
* “Administrator (global)” is shared among all of your chatrooms)

This will grant administration privileges to the user for a single chat room.

6. Set the chat room to administer

Click on the “Room” drop-down, and select the room you want the user to have administrative privileges in.

7. Open the chat room

Access your chat room (possible using the direct link at the top of the settings page).

8. Option 1 – Administration login with the RumbleTalk option

  1. Click on the “Click here to join the conversation…” text at the bottom of your chat window. 
    * This will open the log in dialog
  2. Select the “RumbleTalk” option
Join the chat room as an admin by clicking the 'Click here to join the conversation...' link

9. Option 2 – Administration login using the Guest option

Any name you set in the user’s management list is considered as a reserved name. 
Therefore, when you try to login with a reserved name, you will be prompt to enter a password.

  1. Click on the “Click here to join the conversation…” text at the bottom of your chat window. 
    * This will open the log in dialog
  2. Select the Guest option
  3. Enter your username
  4. You will be prompt to enter a password. 
    Enter the password and continue.
Log in to the chat using the admin credentials
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How to browse from mobile?

1. Mobile Group Chat.

RumbleTalk group chat is mobile ready, you can use the chat using your web browser or mobile browser. 

The mobile version includes all the features you have on the web version. Including upload files and images, take photos, private chat and much more. All the settings that were made in the admin panel are shared in the mobile version. 

However: The mobile version style (skin) is not customizable, meaning there is no option to change the colors, fonts, borders and UI.

2. Start: Access the page where your chat is located.

Open your mobile or tablet device.
Then, type the url where you placed you chat room (e.g.

3. In case the chat is Embedded in a page.

If your chat is embedded in a page, you will see the chat room as a part of the page when browsing from mobile device.

4. In case the chat is Embedded in a page in a Full screen mode.

In case you choose in the admin panel that the chat will be opened in a full page mode in mobile devices (check box in the dashboard).

Then, when going to the page where the chat was Embedded from a mobile device, an image will be shown. Clicking on this image will open a full page mode.

5. In case the chat is Embedded as a floating chat.

Floating chat is a chat that “jump” on the right bottom corner. You can change the “jumping” icon. 

From a mobile device, when clicking on the floating chat icon, it will open the chat full screen in a new tab.

Floating version for Mobile group chat
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