How to change users’ messages background colors?

Assign different background colors for different users. When they send a message, their chat box will reflect their assigned color.

To change users’ login colors, click Design > Visual Design.

Then, click Messages and choose the color you want for each of your users.

Then, it will look like this.

Here’s a video that we made to show it works.

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How to use a QR code to open your chat in mobile?

When you want to open your chat on mobile, you can use a simple QR code scanning for that.

In your chat menu, you will see QR option.

When you click it, it will show the QR code for your chat. Scan it with QA code scanner app and it will be opened on mobile.

Watch this video and use it as a guide.

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How to export the users list?

To export the users list, go to the Users tab on your admin panel.


In there, you will find your users list.

Click export to export a copy of your users list.

Use this short video as a guide.

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