Can guest users add their own avatar?

Yes, they can.

Chat owners can enable the Guest avatar option in their admin panel (premium option). Here’s how you can do it.

  • On your admin panel, you will see the “Settings” option. Click on that.
  • Next, go to “Advanced.”
  • Check the box for “Guest avatar.”
guest avatar

This option will let your guest users add their own guest avatar.

Just choose a photo to upload as your avatar and log-in.

guest avatar

It will immediately appear next to a guest user’s name.

Watch the video below to see a step-by-step guide.

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Can I create more than one chat?

Yes, you can.

To create a new chat room, click “Selected chat” on the upper left on your admin panel and click create a new chat chat room.

create new chat

However, this is only available for paying accounts and accounts that need more than one room.

To upgrade your account, see our premium plans here.

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How to disable viewers from seeing the chat?

When you want that only logged in users will see the chat, you can set the viewers option to off. Once set, new users opening the chat, will see the login option and not the actual chat.

  • Log into your RumbleTalk account
  • Go to settings
  • Click on the Advanced tab on the left
  • Uncheck the Allow private chat between users option
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