How to log in to the chat as Admin?

Access your dashboard.

Visit RumbleTalk and log in to access your dashboard.

Access the admin panel.

Click on the 'Settings' link.

Open the chat room admin panel
This will open the admin panel for this chat room.

Switch to the user management pane.

Click on the 'User Management' link.

Switch to the 'Manage Users' screen
This will display all user management options.

Create a new user.

Click on the 'New user' link at the top of the screen.

Create a new user for the chat room
This will start the new user creation process.

Assign administrative privileges.

FIll in a Nickname and Password for the user, then set the 'User role' to 'Room administrator'.

Fill in the user details, and assign admin rights
This will grant admin rights to the user for a single chat room.

Set the chat room to administer

Click on the 'Chat Room' drop-down and select which room the user should have admin rights for.

Choose the room for this user to administer

Save your changes

Click on the 'Save' link at the top of the screen.

Save your changes
This will save your changes

Return to the User Management panel

Click on the 'Manage users' link at the top of the screen.

Return to the user management screen

Review your changes

Make sure that everything is as you expect it to be.

Review the changes

Go to the chat room

Access the chat room via the direct link or from your dashboard.

Log in

Click on the 'Click here to join the conversation...' link at the bottom of the chat window.

Join the chat room as an admin by clicking the 'Click here to join the conversation...' link
This will open the log in dialogue
Log in to the chat using the admin credentials
Select the RumbleTalk option
This will enable you to moderate and administer the chat
Use the admin credentials provided to you or created in the User Management panel.