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In this article, we’ll go over configurations and tests you can make to fix any issues you might be experiencing with the video and audio calls feature.

RumbleTalk is using the WebRTC technology to make live video and audio calls. If you have a problem with your video or audio call.
Please verify the following:

  • Security and HTTPS – to make a life call your chat needs to be secure, meaning you should be able to open the pages where the chat is with https://
  •  In case your website is not supporting secure connection (e.g https://), you will not be able to have a live video and audio calls. 
  • For better results, please test with the Chrome browser (not chromium).

If you have a problem, please open your chat in Fullscreen, so it will inherit the RumbleTalk secure connection, which will allow you to make a live call.

Remark: The WebRTC technology is relatively a new one and thus have some issues mainly on apple older versions.

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