New Beta Feature: Four Special Ways for Text Formatting


We are happy to share with you the latest text formatting option and new line option.

Four special ways for text formatting

First, the new feature is special ways for text formatting. You can use this feature in four ways. All format tags need to be typed before and after the text.

  • First, you can mark your text using a tilde (~). This makes a strikethrough text. Here’s an example.
text formatting
text formatting

  • Second, mark your text with an asterisk (*). This will make your text bold. You can see an example below.
text formatting
text formatting

  • Third, mark your text with a grave accent (`). This makes your text red. It is perfect for adding code or anything you want to emphasize. See the example below for your reference.
text formatting
text formatting

  • Last but not least, mark your text with an underscore (_). This put the text in italic format. See the example as follows.
text formatting
text formatting

These are the four ways that you can do to mark your text.

Another new feature – New line

text formatting

In the introduction, I mentioned that there are two new features. This is where we talk about the other one. It’s making a new line (paragraph) through a single message box (For group and private chats).

When you press enter after you type, you immediately send the message. This is what happens, right? Now, in this added feature, if you use SHIFT+Enter, you can add another line. Here’s an example.

See? It’s very useful when you don’t want to break your flow of information. Another advantage is other members can’t send a message in between the messages that you want to convey. This is absolutely great to use in meetings, discussions, and even your normal chat announcements.

How do you use it?

Based on the purpose, you and your chat members can use it to identify a specific text as special. It can be used to highlight information that is important. You can use text formatting to make your members pay attention to a paragraph, sentence, or a word.

If you’re an online tutor, you can use it with your lessons. For example, if they’re reading a paragraph, they can highlight text that needs to be corrected. This can also be used when they need some clarification on a specific text. This makes it easier for discussions and for taking notes.

However, do make rules on text formatting when you’re using it for a class. For instance, if your student uses a tilde for strikethrough text, this means that this particular text or sentence is wrong. You need to be clear on using these special markings. Why? This will make your job easier. Not only that, but your student will also learn the importance of consistency. This will help him/her appreciate the flow and the strategy. As a result, he/she can also use this in other lessons.

When should you use it?

You can use it for meetings, lessons, and conferences, even in the normal chat rooms. Its primary use is to highlight a text. This means that this text is important. It screams, “Look at this!” Just like that! It brings your attention to it. Moreover, you don’t need to do a lot just to get this effect.

This is a fundamental strategy to get your members’ attention. If you’re an admin of a chat room, this is really useful. It can assist you in handling your members. You can use it for announcements and notices. Then, you’ll be sure that your members are paying attention. That way, you get the message across.

Why should you use it?

When you mark texts, this gives a sense of urgency. In turn, your members respect your authority. There is order in the chat room. Once you start using text formatting, your members will recognize it next time. If they see using bold text, this means the announcement is important. If they see a red text, then it’s a warning. Something in the lines of that.

You can also use this for your services. An example I’ve given earlier is about online tutoring. Let me use that again. When you introduce text formatting to your students, they will be actively engaged in your lesson. They will see these special marks as tools to make their life easier. In turn, you give them the advantage of learning and being attentive.

They can use this to summarize their works, highlight important details, and connect ideas given in the text. Text formatting is essential for class discussions. Once you use this in your lesson, students will quickly reference details that pertain to their class purpose.

For more new features

Now that we’ve shared our new features, you can expect more in the near future. We are currently working on new releases and updates, so stay tuned for that! If you want to be the first to know of our releases, follow us on Twitter and Facebook. You can see our old blog posts there as well. Here are our latest articles if you’re interested: Important Community Chat Features for Administrators, Chat Customization — Make Every Chat Room Unique, and Make private payments using a chat on your website.

You can see the trend of our articles. They not only talk about new releases but also talk about features you can use on a daily basis. If you still haven’t found the perfect chat for you, then maybe now’s the time to try RumbleTalk.

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