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Answers to the most common questions about RumbleTalk HTML5 group chat


Shortcuts to General Questions

What is RumbleTalk group chat?

RumbleTalk is an innovative HTML5 group chat room platform for online communities. It can be used for:

  • Social: Add an open chat room and engage your audience. Social features cab ve turned on/off as needed.
  • Membership areas: Add a group chat to a website members area. Restrict only members to allow to view/talk in the chat. Integrate your own users base using our JS API or REST API.
RumbleTalk chat room service allows an easy customization, responsive design, simple integration (embed) into any website.

RumbleTalk chat is designed for brand communities, live events, panel discussions, academic institutions, online trading, live radio, fan clubs, blogs, connecting with customers, or just chatting with your friends!

Log in to the group chat room using a RumbleTalk account, a FaceBook account, or a Twitter account

Why choose RumbleTalk?

With RumbleTalk, you’ll be able to engage your online community (public or private room) and increase the number of loyal, active consumers who return to your brand time and time again.

RumbleTalk works seamlessly on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and personal computers and can be embedded into websites, Facebook and even stand as an independent URL. With just one line of code, you can transform a billboard website into a vibrant online community.

What kind of chat is it?

Focused on online communities, RumbleTalk has a strong REST API. We designed a chat room with various features to easily share information. Right out of the box, you and your users will be able to:

  • Send text messages or one on one private messages
  • Send short video and audio messages
  • Make One on one Video calls (WebRTC based)
  • Share images and files including:
    Images, Word docs, Excel files, and PowerPoint presentations
  • Add YouTube and Vimeo videos to the conversation
  • Add a video broadcast using "YouTube Live"
  • Have private discussions
  • Share messages on Twitter and Facebook

Where can I place my RumbleTalk group chat?

A RumbleTalk group chat is versatile and can be embedded in any website as a chat box or floating icon with just one line of code. You can also incorporate your group chat in a Facebook page to capture a larger audience.

If you don’t have a website, we’ll give you a URL to send to your community. The best part? You can choose one, two, or all options and embed as many times in as many sites as you like.

Will it work on my mobile or tablet?

Yes, sure! RumbleTalk group chat rooms will work on any smart device using a modern web browser.

For advanced users and designers, you can even customize the mobile group chat design using CSS.

Mobile chat view

Do all users have to be on the same page to participate in the conversation?

No. RumbleTalk users can embed a group chat or a floating icon group chat into multiple pages. Every time the given line of code is embedded in a page, it opens a window to the same conversation. This keeps the conversation consistent throughout the site and community.

Interested in separate group chat conversations? We can do that too.

Can I create more than one group chat in my account?

Sure! RumbleTalk customers can create multiple group chats. Each group chat can be placed within a single website or on several different websites. You’ll be able to purchase number of chat rooms using our premium page.

Want more? Just let us know by emailing and we’ll find a way to accommodate

What login options does RumbleTalk provide?

RumbleTalk has four login options. You can choose to have users log in with any combination of up to four options or limit it to just one of the following:

  • Managed Users – pre-defined users set by the group chat owner
  • Facebook – one-click login using Facebook credentials
  • Twitter – one-click login using Twitter credentials
  • Guest – anonymous user
  • API – login with your own users base
  • Wordpress Plugin – Pre-Integrated with wordpress and buddypress

For websites with an existing user base, RumbleTalk can allow user logins using our RumbleTalk Login API. Read more about RumbleTalk Login API here.

Can I send private messages to other users?

Yep! While many of the conversations occur in the main window, users can also conduct private conversations and private video calls with other users.

  • The chat owner may set private messages to OFF, so private messages will be disabled to all.
  • The chat owner may set private messages to ADMINS only, so private messages can only be send to the ADMIN and by ADMIN.

Send private messages in RumbleTalk

Can I attach documents from my PC?

Sure! You can upload most file types including PDF’s, Word Documents, Excel Files, PowerPoint Presentations, pictures and more.

upload excel and word docs

Can I place links in the chat?

Yes. URLs will display as hyperlinks in the chat, and links to videos will automatically be embedded, so everyone can watch and respond within the group chat. (You can disable this auto hyperlink feature)

Can I use RumbleTalk in my Facebook page?

Yes, RumbleTalk easily integrates into a Facebook page. This means that your online community can bring your website visitors and your Facebook visitors together all at once, making your audience larger and closer.

From the admin panel, click on the Facebook button, you’ll then be prompted to choose a Facebook page to add your RumbleTalk group chat to. It’s that easy. Note, make sure that your Facebook account email and RumbleTalk account email are the same.

I don't have a website; can I still use RumbleTalk group chat?

You sure can. We host the group chat room on our servers so you and your customers can access it without embedding within a webpage. You’ll be provided with a URL that can be sent to whomever you’d like to participate in the conversation. The group chat still works the same as if you were going to embed it in a website or add it to a Facebook page, meaning you can still customize all the same settings.

I want a floating icon, can RumbleTalk do that?

We sure can. RumbleTalk group chat rooms can be integrated as a floating icon, just take a look at the bottom right corner of this page!

Can I make live video or audio calls in the group chat room?

You sure can. RumbleTalk group chat allows you to make live audio and video calls from web browsers that supports WebRTC such as Chrome and Firefox. You can adjust the setting to allow calls for all users or admins only. Live calls option require that the chat will be placed in a secure web page (HTTPS url).

chat room live video and audio calls

Who is allowed to access the transcripts?

We save the transcript based on your preferences.

If you choose to keep a conversation private, we will not record or save the transcript. If the conversation is not set to private, the group chat transcript will show in the group chat as users scroll up. This transcript can be exported by the group chat owner into a HTML file from the admin page or directly from the group chat.

Who can export the chat history?

It depends. By default, any user can export the group chat history by clicking the export button within the chat. This icon can be turned off from the admin panel by the group chat owner.

Also from the admin panel, the group chat owner can select a date range and export the group chat history using the "export archive" option.

Do you have flood control?

Sure, as a measure of security to prevent groups of users from spamming the chat (flooding), when they start typing too fast, they are kicked out of the chat with a message stating: “you are typing too fast“..

Administrators are not affected by this unique security measure. They can type very fast without being disconnected.

Do you have black word list control?

Yes we do. RumbleTalk chat includes a spam filter feature (black word list). It is actually means that we let customers define a list of unauthorized words. It could be curse or a competitor name that is not welcomed in the chat.

The filter is filtering words both on Users names and room messages.

How do I change my chat settings?

Simply open the chat admin panel and click on "settings". One can change and customize the look & Feel, set chat filters, place the chat in offline mode, advanced users management, control the chat behavior, ban users, export the chat room transcript, integrate with external users base and...more

RumbleTalk chat room settings options

Can I customize the appearance of my group chat room?

Absolutely! We’ve made it so that you can customize RumbleTalk group chat to fit your brand and site. You can even customize both web and mobile versions.

We offer a quick editor for easy point and click customization of the web group chat in the Advanced Design tab of the admin panel.

RumbleTalk group chats can also be fully customized with CSS in both web and mobile versions. With CSS you’ll be able to change any aspect of the chat appearance. Web and mobile CSS changes are done separately allowing another layer of custom design.

Can I have different themes applied to different group chats?

Yes, every group chat you create can have a unique custom design. For every chat you may change the web and mobile design.

RumbleTalk chat room with a green theme RumbleTalk chat rooms are fully mobile compatible RumbleTalk chat rooms can be accessed from any device with a web browser

Can I change the chat background?

Yes, using the admin panel it is easy to set a custom color or image as the group chat background.

Can I resize the chat?

RumbleTalk group chats are fully responsive. This means that the group chat will automatically fit within the space available wherever it is embedded.

Can I change the font size and color of the message text?

Yes. In the Advanced Design admin panel, switch to the Chat Area tab to adjust all font settings for the group chat.

Are there any restrictions to when I can change the design?

Nope, changes to the design can be made at any time. Once the theme has been saved, the changes are seen by new participants and existing participants after the page has been refreshed.

Can I view the conversation anonymously?

By default, RumbleTalk group chat supports invisible observers: those who watch the conversation unfold without logging in. However, this feature can be disabled in the admin panel, if you wish to ensure users log in to see the conversation.

What languages are supported?

RumbleTalk group chat currently supports 36 languages, see some of them in the list below, for the user interface.

Messages, user names, etc. can be entered in any language.

If your language is not shown, no problem! You can send us a translation and we’ll add the language. Instructions for suggesting a language are given in the Chat Settings tab of the admin panel.

If you notice a translation error, you can also send us translation corrections by emailing translation suggestions.

English France (Français) Spanish (Español) German (Deutsch)
Bahasa Indonesia Bahasa melayu Bosanski Català
Czech Dansk sprog Euskara Hrvatski
Italiano Magyar Nederlands Polski
Português Română Slovenčina Suomi
Svenska Tiếng Việt Türkçe ελληνικά
Български Македонски Русский язык Србски
Українська עברית عربي فارسی
ภาษาไทย 中文 한국어 Estonian
ქართული 中國傳統的 日本語 正體中文

How do I ban users?

We understand that successful group chat needs good moderation tools. That’s why we’ve made banning users easy.

After logging in as an administrator, click on the user you wish to ban. You will then have two levels of banning:

  1. Disconnect – the user will see a warning message, but can return to the room immediately
  2. Ban by IP – the user will not be able to log in, with any credentials, from the same IP address

Can I designate moderators?

Yes. You can appoint moderators, called "administrators", from the admin panel. Group chat administrators are able to delete messages, disconnect users, and ban users.

Can I delete messages?

Yes. Administrators have the option to delete individual messages and all messages at once.

Can I block a user from sending me privae messages?

Yes. Any user, either administrator or not, can have the option to block another user from sending private messages to them.

What method of encryption do you use within the group chat?

All RumbleTalk group chat conversations are encrypted using the latest SSL/TLS (HTTPS) technology.

What personal information is displayed to other users?

Each user’s group chat profile will be populated with the information they chose to log in with.

  • Facebook logins will show the user’s Facebook name, profile picture, gender (if specified), and a link to their Facebook profile
  • Twitter logins will show the user’s Twitter name, description, number of followers, and link to the Twitter profile
  • RumbleTalk account logins will show the chosen nickname and in some cases a custom avatar chosen by the group chat owner
  • Guest logins will show the chosen nickname and the standard avatar for the group chat

Can RumbleTalk integrate with WordPress, Wix, Joomla, or any other 3rd party applications?

Yes, yes, yes, and yes. RumbleTalk uses IFrames to have near universal support in third party applications.

Some CMS applications such as WordPress, Wix, and Joomla have RumbleTalk plug-ins for easy integration.

If you’re not using one of these applications, we’ll give you one line of code that can be placed in any website to instantly open your RumbleTalk group chat.

Not familiar with code? No problem, we have a support team ready to help. Contact

How do I change the email address associated with my RumbleTalk account?

It’s easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Log into your admin panel with your current email address and password
  2. Click on "My Account"
  3. Enter your new email address in the email field
  4. Click "Save"

Why is my RumbleTalk group chat not loading properly?

Here are a few possible reasons:

  • Some outdated browsers may experience problems when loading RumbleTalk. Try using a modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.
  • In some cases, you may be behind a firewall that is interfering with your access to your group chat. To fix this, speak with your IT department or system administrator.
  • JavaScript may not be enabled in your browser. Check your browser’s settings to make sure JavaScript is enabled.

Still having issues? Contact:

Do you offer the chat for free?

Yes! Anyone can try RumbleTalk for free. Add it to your site and get started chatting with up to five chatters. When you need more chatters or more features, you may upgrade to a full feature plan, you can do so from the admin panel or from the premium plans page.

What types of payment do you accept?

Our billing is done through PayPal to ensure easy and safe transactions.

If you are interested in using a different payment method, contact for other options.

Are payments secure?

Yes. By using PayPal and a secure HTTPS connection, we provide multiple layers of security to protect your information.

How often do I need to pay?

RumbleTalk group chat is purchased with either a monthly or yearly billing cycle. By choosing a yearly billing cycle, you’ll receive a substantial discount on your subscription.