Why Group Chat Is an Indispensable Tool for the Leading Trader


RumbleTalk’s primary goal is to connect digital communities, a goal that has been demonstrably achieved in the trading community.

Picture the scene – you are working at your computer on your latest lesson plan.

Right now you have a few dozen loyal followers, but you’re hoping for more in the next few months. You visit your favorite trading blog for inspiration when suddenly, you come across a post that is strangely familiar.

As you compare it to your own content your worst fears are realized – it is unquestionably yours. A guide that you spent hours brainstorming, researching, writing and updating for your paying customers has been stolen from your supposedly secure traders site.

Certain alarming questions come to mind: if your followers can access your content for free on another site, why would they stick with you? Why should new followers join you?

The owner of the site might agree to removing your stolen content this time, but who knows where else it might show up. And what is to stop it happening again?

That’s where RumbleTalk comes in.

A Traders’ Tool

RumbleTalk can give you the security you need and much more besides. Our traders’ tool grants you access to a space in which you can instantly and confidentially reach your followers whatever the medium. In the example above your work was stolen, and hours of effort were spent trying to contain the situation.

By securing your chat, RumbleTalk frees you to invest (pun intended) all of your energy into providing the best content possible.

day traders chat room

That means enriching your words with technical graphs, spreadsheets and presentations to provide a deeper context in an industry where understanding is the key to success.

Technology is often accused of pulling us apart, but RumbleTalk can bring you and your followers closer together with a sense of immediacy and collaboration that is usually only found in the boardroom, and which will keep your followers coming back for more.


With RumbleTalk, a trading veteran can host lessons for hundreds of followers at once. Text, images, and even video and audio recordings can all be used to explain why one stock shows promise and why another should be avoided in a nuanced and comprehensive way.

The group chat can be accessed via a provided URL or it can be embedded into any or all pages of your website – whatever works for your community. You can tier your service, providing the most insight to trusted paying members in a private group chat in an exclusive, password-protected area of your website.

The problem above has been solved, and now no one can access your content without payment and permission. Many traders’ chats allow access to anyone regardless of their experience or motivations, but with RumbleTalk, no one enters the group chat without your say-so.

If for whatever reason there is someone in the chat who you no longer want there, you as administrator can suspend or remove them from the chat with the click of a button.

Finally, your insider knowledge and years of experience can be done justice with a slick and state of the art traders’ chat, one that will swiftly justify your price in the minds of your followers.

You will wonder how you ever operated without a group chat. All group chats are hosted on our servers, so you never need to worry about server performance or bandwidth compromising your service. Our chat rooms are protected by end-to-end SSL/TLS encryption technology, so you can rest assured that no one is listening in. In short – we’ve got you covered.

Always Remain in Control

RumbleTalk enables you to host a group chat and talk to all of your followers at once, but it also allows you to hold private conversations with select people as well.

These conversations come with all the benefits of a group chat, as well as the option to launch a video or audio call. You might want to issue a warning to a select user for inappropriate behavior, or provide additional resources to a particularly inquisitive follower – video and audio calls are ideal for when you want clear and direct one-on-one communication.

These private conversations are just as secure as group chats, the data transfers encrypted by WebRTC technology. We understand that ironclad security above all else is paramount in your industry

We might be (slightly) biased, but there really are no downsides to having a group chat for the leading trader. RumbleTalk allows you to communicate effectively to your followers and ensures that you are always in control. Whether you want to speak privately to a user, or provide guidance to hundreds – RumbleTalk can help, whatever your needs. Get in touch to find out more.

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