How to put the chat in an offline mode

Open the admin panel.

Open the admin panel and switch to the chat operation tab

Switch to the offline tab

Set the chatroom to offline.

Click on "Take chat offline". You will be asked to confirm the action.

Set the chat offline

The chat is now offline.

Any logged in users will be logged out, and the default offline message will show.

Users will see an offline message

Offline with contact form.

If you check the 'Show contact form' check-box in the admin panel, and provide a valid email address, a contact form will be displayed to the users.

Users will see an offline contact form

Custom offline message.

Plain text or html tags can be entered to customise your offline message.

Set a custom offline message

Set a custom offline message

This can be combined with the contact form to ensure the highest levels of engagement, even when your chat is offline.