How do I export the chat transcript?

There are 2 ways to export the conversation transcript (chat histroy) into an html/csv file.

Chat Export

Log in to the chat room as normal.

To export the conversation into a file, you will need to login to the group chat.

Click the export button.

On the lower left part of the chat, Click on the export icon.

Note, only the content presented in the chat will be exported. If you wish to export older messages, simply scroll up to get older messages.

Click to Export.

HTML File Exported

See the html file downloaded into your browser.

The file creation

See the File Content

Double click the file to open it in your default browser.
You may copy the file to your web server and open it directly as a link.

Open the exported file

Admin Panel Export - Advanced

Login to RumbleTalk admin panel.

Log into your account and go to your chat room settings. Then, go to the Archive section.

Ser your Criteria.

Now you can set what you want to export.
You may choose between

  1. Searching for a special text
  2. Get all the transcript between dates.
Export of content from the admin panel

Export as HTML

Click on the " Export Transcript", choose between html or csv file. and your file will be created in the browser download folder.