How do I send a private message?

Log in to the chat room as normal.

To send a private message to another user in the chatroom, you will need to login to the chatroom.

Choose the user you want to chat privately with.

Click on the user's name or picture on the users list.
A window will open where you can send messages. Once a message will be send, the window will pop in the other chatter screen.

* You can always Block a user from sending you a private message using the block button.

This will open a private chat window.

Private chat indicators

When you’re on a private conversation with a user, and receiving a message from a different user, a red indicator will be shown on the [different] user name (the one that sent the message) with the number of messages sent.

In addition, a red indicator will show on the top of the users list with the number of pepole that send you a message.

Chat indicator for private messages.

Video Call & Audio Call

You may call another user with a video or audio call (anonymously).
Click on the video or audio icons on the bottom.

* To learn more about video chat and audio chat click here.

This will open a private chat window.

After clicking a call will be made.

This will open a private chat window.

Security and Privacy

Private chat is private. Admins can't see the conversation.
The data is not stored anywhere. Once the session is closed (the browser is closed), the private chat data will be gone.

Chat indicator for private messages.