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Sometimes you want to create a silent user. This means you can create a hidden user for your chat. When this user logs in, he will not be seen by other chatters, so he can “listen” to the chat conversation without being seen.

This can be done using your CSS settings. You need to add it to both web and mobile.

Step 1
: login with a user to your chat to find what ID he posses. (more details below)

Step 2: find your user ID, see below how.

Step 3: Once the user id is found, add it this CSS to the admin panel -> design section -> CSS (we used in this example the user id 18, simply replace it with your number).

#user18 {  display: none;

Step 3: close and you are done

How to find your user ID?

Open your chat in chrome, click on F12 to open the debugger and then right click on your user name and find the user ID (in this example it is 327350)

Tip: if you want to be seen by you, you can use this code and only you will be able to see your self

[data-logged-in=”18″] #user18 {
  display: block;

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