How to set a paid access option to my chat (paywall)?

To charge a fee for entering your chat, use the paywall feature in your chat room, just activate it via the “Monetize” settings.

Then, go to “Monetize Settings” and tick the box for paywall. Click “Save changes” to proceed.

paywall chat

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How to add your own paid Access Terms and Conditions ?

To add your own Terms and Conditions, click “Monetize” on the settings.

Then, click “Monetize Settings.” You will then be brought to the general settings of monetization. After the list payment settings, you will see the settings for Terms and Conditions.

terms and conditions

You can either fill up the box for your Terms and Conditions or you can just add a link.

Click “Save changes” to apply your changes.

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How to change paywall from entrance paid access to a subscription?

If you’re using paywall on your chat room, you have two options. It’s either users pay for entrance or they pay for subscription.

To change the settings, click “Monetize,” and then click “Monetize Settings.”

In there, you will see the payment settings. Click the settings for how the users pay. Choose subscription.


You can also change on how often a user pays, that is, monthly or annually.

Click “Save changes” to finalize your settings.

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