Bring Convenience to Your Work as a Freelancer: Using a Chat Platform

In the world of instant messaging and social media, as a freelancer, you prefer to have your work online.

Working online does not only mean a work-from-home set-up but also communicating online.

This trend has piloted the use of chat platforms to engage with clients, teams, or supervisors. What makes chat platforms different is that it combined the features of instant messaging and social media.

So, what does this mean for you as a freelancer? Chat platforms let you attach your media files, talk to clients, answer questions, sell your product/service, and much more.

Many freelancers are already taking this step. How about you?

Are you still thinking why you should shift to a chat platform? Then, here are the reasons why you should.

1. Chat with your clients

When you have a chat platform, you can also use it as your contact page. Link your clients to your chat and they can ask questions if they have any.

Since some would want to chat about certain topics or things, a group chat is good. You can talk with your employer, HR, or anyone as long as they’re logged in.

You can even save a copy of your chat by exporting the chat transcript. The same goes for your employer’s end.

export chat transcript

If you want to close a deal, then you can use the private chat for sensitive information. Also, you can do a one-on-one call to discuss your terms.


2. Minisite as your portfolio

Did you know that you can create a minisite on RumbleTalk? With Rumble Pages, you can create a minisite that you can edit.

Change the elements to your liking, and then you have your own freelancer portfolio. Put your contact details, your website, your social media pages, and you can even link a YouTube video.


As a freelancer, use this to your advantage where you can create a short video about yourself and interested clients can just watch that to know more about your skills.

Best of all, Rumble Pages comes with its own chat. If clients want to chat, then they can contact you directly on your minisite.

3. Set your prices as a freelancer

With third-party websites, they always take a huge cut of your total payment. It can be from 30% to as high as 50%.

With RumbleTalk, we only take 10% as commission fees. That’s a great advantage for you as a freelancer. Not only do you get more income, but you also have a platform that lets you set your own prices.

So, as a freelancer, you’re free to set any price that you think is acceptable for your skills.

monetize records

You can ask for payment via a private payment request.

Or if you’re using that chat as your primary platform, you can add an entrance or subscription fee before your clients can enter the chat.


Collect your payments when you reach $50. All payments are made via PayPal, so make sure that you have an account.

4. Convert site visitors to clients

What if your clients visit your minisite and like what they see? They can immediately connect with you; that’s a done deal!

When clients see that you’re making a way to communicate, then they can feel your professionalism. This means you’re ready to work ASAP.

As long as you edit your minisite to what you want it to be, you’re bound to get a client interested or avail your service. It’s all about how you present yourself and if you made yourself available to contact.

5. Save some money

By using a chat platform, you get everything that you need. You don’t need to download this plugin or download that. Every feature that you need for freelancing is here.

Communication is really what’s important as a freelancer. If you don’t communicate with your client, then your work will suffer the consequences.

As long as you know how the platform works, you can make it work for you. Group chat, minisite, and in-chat payment is the perfect combination for every freelancer.

There are also more features than that, so try to explore your admin panel or read this to know more about the different RumbleTalk products.

Being productive as a freelancer

Now that you’ve seen what a group chat can do, what’s stopping you in creating one? Not only do you get to use the features above, but you also lessen your expense in using other plugins, third-party sites, or software.

Another advantage is you get to be productive. How so? Well, because you get all features in one platform. You don’t need to change tabs every minute.

So, what are you waiting for? Try the different chat types if you want to look into what’s best for you.

Convinced to get your own chat? Then, register on our website today.

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What are the different rights of an admin user in a group chat?

Chat owners can assign admin users to their respective group chats. As the chat owner, it’s also good to appoint yourself as one.

Admins can do a lot of different things for the group chat. They may not be chat owners, but they also have power in the actual chat.

To demonstrate this, here are the different things that admins can do in a group chat.

Let’s start with the basics. Then, we’ll also discuss the special rights of an admin user.

Different things that an admin user can do in a group chat

First, let’s talk about the basic rights of an admin. These are the following:

  1. Admins can delete group messages;
  2. Ban IP addresses;
  3. Disconnect users.
  4. Clear all messages in the chat room;
  5. Have the option to enable admin mode.

First things first, all of these can only be done by admins. That’s why if you want to have these rights, be sure to appoint admins in a chat room.

So, let’s talk about each admin right. The first one is deleting group messages. This means that admins can delete messages in the same text box.


Secondly, admins can ban IP addresses. Of course, this is self-explanatory. Banning an IP address of another user means that the specific user cannot enter the group chat again unless the admins delete the IP address from the banned list.

community chat

The third one is a lesser equivalent of banning. Disconnecting a user means that the user will be immediately disconnected for the time being. Banning and disconnecting users can be used for spam, trolls, or anything negative that you don’t want in your group chat.

Clearing all messages in the chat room is also a handy right that only admins can do. So, in one click, admins can choose to delete all messages in the chat room. With that, they can also delete all private chat messages in one swoop.

mute button

Lastly, admin mode lets admins talk to each other in a group chat without worrying that a user will send a message in between. Since the admin mode only lets admins talk, non-admin users cannot send any messages in the group chat. Admins can use this for lectures, notifications, etc.

chat tool

So, that’s only the basic rights of an admin. What are the other rights? Let’s talk about some special ones.

Moderating a group chat

In a moderated chat, admins can approve or delete messages. However, non-administrator users will not be able to see their messages unless they get approved.

moderated chat

Using a moderated chat is advisable for live events, speaker-to-audience discussions, or conferences. The admins act as moderators of the chat.

Therefore, admins do not need the permission of other admins to send a message. When admins send a message, all users will immediately see the message.

remote team

Special administrator rights

Since we’ve shared the basic rights of an admin, here are the special rights of an admin user.

  1. Allow only admins to start a private chat;
  2. Start a video call;
  3. Export chat transcript
  4. Share files;
  5. Record audio and video messages.

These settings can usually be done by all users. However, you can also allow it for admins only. This is done to make your chat more manageable.

For the first one, you can see this option in the private chat options on your admin panel. Choose Only administrators can initiate conversations.


This means that the admins will be the only ones who can initiate private chat conversations.

For numbers 2, 4, and 5, you can see all settings in the Multimedia option on your admin panel.


By choosing for administrators only, this means that all the features above will only appear and work for admins.

Lastly, exporting a chat transcript can be made for admins only via Menu Options on your admin panel. You will see various settings here for the chat menu.

menu options

As you can see, there are a lot of options that you can enable for admins only. If you want a specific option for admins only, just choose Only admins can see.

This is not only limited to exporting a chat transcript. Therefore, play with the options and see what works best for your chat!

Adding more admins

Want to add more admins on your account? If yes, then upgrade your account! You can choose from different upgrades and adding admins is one of them. You can add up to 20 admins.

If you want to add more, then contact us directly on your admin panel or the website. Whichever works for you, we’ll be sure to respond ASAP.

We’ll see you on the next blog!

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Handling your remote team with a group chat

The new normal has affected many businesses and companies, leading them to a shift to a digital medium. Now that you have your remote team, how can you establish a continuous and new way of communication?

As it wasn’t as common before the pandemic, we’re sure you’re still finding ways to run as a remote team. Managing a team is already hectic, but managing it online is more challenging.

So, how do you make it work? Good question. Let’s talk about different scenarios and how you can use a group chat to function as a team.

1. Sharing insights

Chat type to use: Group chat

This is one of the day-to-day scenarios. You talk with your team and check what’s happening to each of them. Then, they share their work, what they’re going to do next, and even just catching up.

For this, a group chat is the best way to go. In a group chat, anyone on your team can talk with each other. As long as they’re part of a chat room, they can communicate freely.

2. Providing charts, resources, or other documents

Chat type to use: Group chat

Within your team, sometimes you share documents that you need for work. This is also possible in a group chat.

remote team

Your team can attach different file formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, and more. Also, sharing images, audio recordings, and videos are also possible. Therefore, use this to your advantage and your team can work remotely.

3. Discussing sensitive information

Chat to use: Private chat

In any chat type, there’s a private chat where your team can communicate privately. Also, there are private chat options you can choose from to limit who can talk to each other. This is just optional.

private chat options

If you want a private chat with each of your team members, you can also opt for an expert’s chat. The expert’s chat works as a private chat only and no group chat function.

In a private chat, you can discuss things like promotions, feedback, and any sensitive info that you don’t want to talk about in your group chat. Also, in a private chat, you can hold one-on-one audio and video calls. These are features only available in a private chat.

As a remote team, members also need a private chat for topics like this. So it’s good to have a private chat.

4. Holding a Q&A session

Chat type to use: Moderated chat

Want to have a group meeting through a Q&A? Holding a Q&A session can address the questions for your team in one go.

If you’re the acting admin, you can choose what questions will be answered first. Doing so will let other team members see the question on their respective chats. Unapproved questions will not show up in other non-admins’ chats.

remote team

As an admin, you can also delete messages if you have to. These may be questions not related to work or an irrelevant question about the topic.

5. Holding a live stream

Chat to use: Moderated chat + Rumble Pages

Sometimes, live streaming is necessary to make advancements in workload, addressing issues, or discussing general info. With Rumble Pages, you can chat and hold a live stream via YouTube Live.

The stream can be about anything work-related like Q&As, an event with the higher-ups, or a motivational speech by a speaker. This depends on how your team will utilize it.

Managing your remote team through a group chat

In the previous years, you wouldn’t have thought that remote work would be possible. However, the world is constantly changing. So, we learn to adapt.

Through the circumstances that have happened, remote work has been pushed. Now, remote teams are rampant. Fortunately, chat platforms are there to help us adjust.

As businesses and companies are shifting, we are doing our part in this change. Visit RumbleTalk on Facebook and Twitter to know more about our features and products that you can use in the new normal.

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