How To Make Fresh Content Using RumbleTalk Group Chat

Running out of content ideas? RumbleTalk group chat’s got your back. Make your audiences engaged by providing fresh content.

Here’s why RumbleTalk can help you make new content and ideas and give the needed boost to your website.

Avoiding writer’s block

Companies spend a large amount of money just to produce good quality content to distribute information to any media, especially to digital media.

Nowadays, companies depend on the trend that is currently going rounds on the internet. Some are witty enough to take advantage of the current situation, using memes, and celebrities’ issues to gain attention and generate good traffic on their website, but there are limitations for that.

Ideas would run out and will keep it harder for the writer to generate more interesting content.

It’s known as, Writer’s Block. Writer’s block is a state of being unable to continue with composing or not having the capacity to write something new.

However, we can avoid having this state by integrating a group chat on your website. 

How does it work?

Step 1. First, place or embed a chat on your website and invite your friends, audience, or colleagues, to participate in a live or virtual event. 

hosted group chat

Step 2. Then, wait for the people to build a conversation until they can create fresh content associated with your brand or to your virtual event.

Export your chat’s transcript

This time, the messages in the chat room can be converted to HTML or CSV and can be placed on your website until the discussion or event is over. This may result in highly targeted keywords and generate traffic for your website.

We have customers that are using it on a daily basis. As a result, fresh content is added to their website every day.

There are two ways to export the group conversation transcript (chat history) into an HTML/CSV/Word file. Exporting it from the chat or exporting it from the admin panel.

Exporting from the chat

  1. First, log in to the chat room as normal.
  2. Then, click the chat settings button.
fresh content

3. Lastly, click Export transcript to export your chat transcript.

freelance work

NOTE: Only the content presented in the chat will be exported. However, if you wish to export older messages, simply scroll up to get the older messages.

Exporting from the admin panel

  1. First, log into your account and go to your chat room settings. Then, go to the History section.

2. Then, on the right part of the page, click the Export button.

Now, you can set what you want to export. You may choose between the following:

  • Searching for a special text,
  • Get all the transcript between dates, or
  • As a file.

3. Next, click on Export Transcript. Choose between HTML, CSV, or DOC file and your file will be downloaded.

Now, you have an idea on how to generate a daily fresh content. So, all you have to do is wait for the results and observe the impact of having a group chat on your website.

Get fresh content and ideas for your website

With that said, RumbleTalk group chat lets you create an interactive platform that you can embed on your website.

You can start with a free account. Then, try the platform to see if you will like the features. There are different chat types, chat customization, and more.

Discover it now when you sign up.

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Moderated chat: The engagement solution for your live events

Online events are a good way to talk to your audience. It may be a conference, summit, or product launch. What matters is that you have an engagement solution up your sleeve.

A question and answer session is always a good idea for any online event. You give your audience a voice. Because you listen to their voices, you make them heard.

In an online event with a Q&A session, the audience is free to ask whatever they want. However, it can be confusing to see all questions coming in the group chat simultaneously. 

So, how can you hold an online event with a Q&A without failing?

Let’s see why having a moderated chat is the perfect engagement solution.

Increasing your engagement rate

When you arrange a live event, it’s usually held on a website or a social media page. They will have the following:

  • A live chat wherein the audience is continuously sending messages, leading to a non-stop message spree.
  • A group chat wherein everyone can send messages.

This can be a good solution for some online events like small conferences or community discussions. However, if you’re holding a larger event like conferences or summits, then you would need a better engagement solution such as a moderated chat.

For example, at large events, thousand of people are watching and commenting. Messages are coming in fast, and you cannot handle this influx of messages. So, how can you answer the questions?

This scenario is not good for both the audience and the speakers.

Therefore, it’s better to choose from one of these solutions:

  1. Ask questions using downloadable live chat software.
  2. Hold a Q&A session through a moderated chat with a group chat platform.

With RumbleTalk group chat, you can easily create a moderated chat that you can use for Q&As. No download needed.

For event pros, using a separate group chat platform for your live events is better. Let us show you how to add a moderated chat for your event.

How to add a moderated chat and use it as your engagement solution

The moderated chat is one of the chat types that RumbleTalk offers. It’s a chat type that lets admins approve messages before they appear in the group chat.

If you want to use the moderated chat your chat type, here are the steps that you need to follow.

  • First, go to Settings > General & Logins.
  • Next, see the list of chat types available. Choose Moderated chat.
engagement solution

Starting now, all messages need to be approved by admins. So, the next step is to add admins, which will act as moderators, to your chat.

To add admins, follow this guide.

  • Select Settings > Users.
  • Then, click Add new user and type all the details needed such as username and password.
  • Lastly, choose if they will have room-only access or global access.
question and answer

When everything’s done, you can start using the moderated chat next to your live stream.

Here’s how the moderated chat looks like.

moderated chat

Unless the admins approve a message, it won’t appear in the non-admin users’ group chat. Furthermore, only admins can approve or delete messages.

So, the chat is free of spam and stays clean. No unnecessary messages, no clutter, and most of all organized. This is the reason why the moderated chat is the best for large events like conferences and summits.

Read this related article on organizing a Q&A session: Step-by-Step Guide for Organizing a Q&A Live Session

Advantages of using a separate group chat for live events

Engage your audience

When the event is ongoing or after the event, make your audience submit questions. This keeps them engaged and lets them feel that their opinions are heard.

If you choose to answer their questions, then they will be engaged to send more.

If you practice being a good speaker and moderator, you’re giving your audience the best event experience.

Let them know there’s a group chat

Don’t forget to let your audience know that there’s a separate group chat where they can talk. This should be done before the event starts. Advise them that it’s being moderated by admins to make them feel that the chat is secure. Also, let them know that they can send in their questions whenever they want.

Just make sure to send relevant questions, and then their question will have a chance to be answered.

Great event experience and engagement solution

online event

Through using the moderated chat, you have a dedicated chat for Q&A sessions. With this, you get full control of your chat.

Your appointed admins are also there to help you. With their assistance, questions will be arranged and there will be necessary messages only in the chat.

No trolls, no spam, and no hate speech.

If you want to see the questions for future reference, you can easily export the chat transcript.

You can also share this with your audience.

Then, upload it on email, social media, or directly in the group chat so they can access it.

Level up your online event with this engagement solution

So, are you switching to a dedicated chat platform for your next online event? By sharing these tips and tricks, we hope this helps you set up a moderated chat for your event.

Engage your audience with a Q&A session. Sign up today.

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Why use a group chat platform in website forums?

Engagement is the main reason why you use a group chat on your website. Group chats increase engagement by 20%. When website owners add a group chat, users stay longer. Forums often add group chats to their page.

This is an interesting idea, but to understand this, we must first compare the two.

Group chats vs forums

Both forums and group chats are methods to communicate with other users over the Internet but are used differently. Group chat conversations are real-time, whereas forums are discussion-oriented where not all participants need to be logged in at the same time.

In a forum, discussions are separated into “threads”. So, this makes it more organized and people will be able to search for a topic immediately. Alos, posts take longer to answer in a forum. The reason behind this is not all participants are active at the same time.

In a group chat, conversations are real-time. Therefore, when a participant wants to get an answer immediately, he can direct his question in the group chat.

Using a group chat in a forum

audience interaction

To get both types of communication and benefits in one place, using a group chat in a web forum is ideal. There are two places of discussion. 

  1. Forum threads – Add questions and answers anytime. No need to be online everytime.
  2. Group chat – Answer questions immediately. Real-time conversations only.

Visitors of a forum can answer questions even after days it was posted. In a group chat discussion, this is not possible. A group chat happens in real-time and takes place at a much faster pace.

Forums also stick to one topic, whereas group chat conversation can rapidly change, depending on the participants.

Using a group chat within a forum can lead to faster answers to urgent questions. As opposed to a forum, the group chat can be online only when the moderator is active to prevent non-relevant discussions and spam. Or, leave it open to let participants talk freely.

How to add a group chat to a forum

To add a group chat to your forum, all you need is to copy and paste a line of code. RumbleTalk will be providing this.

  1. Login to your admin panel and click Embed.
  2. Choose from Embedded or Floating. You can also set the chat size.
  3. Copy your code by clicking Get Code.

You’re done! You can now use the group chat in your forum.

You can choose what chat type you want to use for your forum and see which works best.


Currently, there are four chat types. They are as follows: group chat, expert’s chat, moderated chat, and private chat.

We recommend using the group chat for open, social conversations. Then, if you want more moderation, you can use the moderated chat.

If you’re using Wix, WordPress, or other websites with plugins, then you can check out the Plugins page. There are specific instructions for each plugin.

The use of group chats in forums

It’s all about time and efficiency. If you need immediate answers, then go to the group chat. If you want to gather more input for your topic, then go to the forum.

However, if you combine both, then you can use the strengths of each platform. Embed a group chat on your forum with RumbleTalk.

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