Case Study: Agora Financial Live Event with 8000 seats

This year, we had the pleasure of working with Agora Financial for their live event next to a live stream for a Q&A session.

Agora Financial’s Senior Digital Experience and Optimization Manager, Sherry Errera, shared with us their experience with the platform. Thank you, Sherry, for your kind words. We appreciate it a lot!

What is Agora Financial?

Agora Financial is a US-based company working in the finance education sector. Agora Financial provides independent economic commentary and editorial and analysis through print/online publications, videos, and other mediums.

Why did you choose RumbleTalk?

agora financial

We were looking for a good solid replacement for our Q&A offering.

Prior to this one, our events didn’t offer a chat option. Instead, we used the Q&A feature from another platform.

How does our platform help Agora Financial achieve its objectives?

For us, I am fairly confident that, after this event goes off without a hitch, we will continue to use this format. Our Q&A event starts with these steps:

  • Internal E-letter List Invitation/build-up to an advertised event with one of our Financial Experts/Gurus (in this case, Gilder’s 2020 Millionaire Predictions LIVE)
  • Attendee capture upon arrival (RumbleTalk user registration)
  • Streaming video produced in-house w/host and service by LiveStream Enterprise (now Vimeo)
  • Q&A w/Live Moderated Chat for users and hosts
  • Export registered user list using RumbleTalk export option
  • Export chat transcript for legal using RumbleTalk export option

How was the event handled?

I so much appreciate your follow up during and after our event! I made sure to let everyone know you had kept watch during the event and they were really happy about that – especially our project manager, Emily, who was responsible to coordinate every last detail of the event and to make sure all was as close to perfect as could be.

How would you describe your overall experience with the platform?

Feedback from the team was incredibly positive! Any fears they had–main worries were about lag time, feature failure, or inability to juggle the Q&A
– were quickly squashed once the event started. There was zero lag and the moderators were easily able to manage the Q&A after a quick training session that afternoon of the event.

Emily said “Thank you, RumbleTalk!” and, that said, she will 100%, no doubt refer you to our sister companies and the other Agora Financial imprints if they have a need like ours. We have offices, publications, and companies around the world, so that’s a lot of potential!

Is there anything you would like to add or improve?

For the future, we will definitely be back in our next event. This particular event was the first of its kind where we had an interactive audience (they were VERY engaged!) and Q&A with a live host and moderators.

Normally, our video “events” are all pre-recorded and we let people submit questions for follow up. The RumbleTalk moderated chat let us give another option to our customer.

Will you consider using RumbleTalk in the future?

Yes, definitely! We will surely be asked to help our sister companies and other subsidiaries of the larger Agora Company for referral or assistance so that they can model our event format.

Thanks for ALL of your help!

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New Feature: Rumble Pages (Minisite)

When you have a business, you always think of growing and promoting your product or service. We are pushed towards marketing like an advertisement, social media promotions, and product websites. But what if you’re creating that page on your own? Being a one-man business is tough. That’s why we’ve added a new feature at your expense. We call it “Pages” and it works as a minisite.

We’re not saying that this only works for a one-man company. It can also be used by individuals who are not really talented in using computers. You can use this mini website any way you like.

What is a minisite?

You may have heard about websites, but have you heard about this so-called minisite? Well, if you combine mini and website, you get minisite. A minisite is a mini version of a website. Usually, a minisite is a page describing a product, company, or service.

So, now you can create your own “CHAT” page in the cloud.

Is a minisite for you?

If you’re a small business owner, you can consider making a chat page for your site. This can include a few details about your company, what you do, what your product is all about, how you started, etc.

Creating your own minisite (page)

In this section, we’ll show you the steps you need to know in creating your own miniature website. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is!

  • First, you need to register to RumbleTalk. Just go to our website and click “Sign up.”
  • Second, on your admin panel, you will see “Pages.” Click that and you’ll be redirected to another page. This is what we call a minisite.

  • Third, set it up any way you like. We’ve designed a default template so you won’t have any problems on what you’ll put on the page. All you need to do is change it accordingly to your product or service.

Elements that you can change

  • Profile and header image – You can choose photos that suit your service or product best. The header image is limited to 500 KB.

  • Share buttons – You can choose to show your social media share buttons if you want to. If not, you can just uncheck the box.

  • YouTube link – You can upload a video about your product and post it on YouTube. Then, you can put the link on your page so your customers can watch it.

  • Text area – You can put a site description in this area. This all depends on you. Unleash your creativity and writing skills and let your customers know what to expect. Add some flair and add additional links to visit.

  • Chat area – This is something that’s unique to RumbleTalk. Your minisite shows your chat. This is the pro of an online chat service. Admins and members alike can use the chat room to communicate. To adjust the settings of your chat room, just go back to your admin panel.

See how it all goes smoothly? We’ve created the Pages feature because we’d like to help small business owners and even individuals who just want to make a website without all the hassle of making one.

Miniaturize your promotion

As minisites are the latest trend in marketing, you should use it to boost your marketing. This goes for your audience reach, impact, and overall promotion. With the right tool and solution, you might just be the best in the market.

When you’re at the top position, don’t forget who helped you get there! We are always enhancing our features and improving our service. If that’s good news for you, then follow our blog for more news and updates. You can never go wrong with reading and being informed!

Go to our website and read our articles. Also, follow us on our social media pages (Facebook and Twitter). We publish articles every week. That way, you’ll never miss anything! If you have questions, then feel free to message us. In addition, you can connect with us on our support page. Send us your comments and suggestions. We’ll cater it one at a time. We hope you register and see you in the next blog!

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New Feature: new chat menu

We’re back and we’ve upgraded our chat menu! The new chat menu has a lot of added features, so read on to know what’s new.

We reduced the number of icons in the menu and moved them to a clearer menu bar. This allows us to add more options to better chat control.

The new look of the chat menu

In the old look of the chat menu, you’ll see that the settings are all lined up at the bottom part of the users’ list. There is no text or description unless you hover your mouse on each icon.

The new menu is a small window with all the important features that users ask us +.

chat menu
New menu
chat menu
Old menu

With our users’ suggestions, we made a new look for the chat menu. This includes the old setting functionality and more. Take a look at what we’ve done!

In addition to that, the new chat menu looks a bit different for admins and non-admins. Admins have now the option to MUTE all. Here’s how it looks like.


See the difference between the new chat menus? Non-admin users don’t have the option to activate admin mode. As admins, only they can change that chat mode to admin mode.

Admin mode will stop everyone from typing. Only admins can type at this moment.

To know more about admin mode, you can check our previous blog.

chat menu
user view
chat menu
admin view

Muting sound

The Mute sounds option. This is the option to mute the sound of all notifications.

  • First, you need to open your chat. See the gear button below? This is your chat menu. You will see the different settings you can change.
  • To change the settings of your sound notification, just click the slide. Green means it’s activated.
chat menu

Private message muting pop-up

This means that, even if you receive private messages, the private chat won’t pop-up, instead you will see a red number next to the user icon indicating he sends you a message (or more).

How do you do it?

  • To change the private chat popup settings behavior, slide to the left the private chat popup slide. As with the previous setting, the green color means it’s activated.
chat menu

Changing font size

This is another feature we’ve added in the chat menu. Why do you need to increase or decrease the font size? It’s because not all people have 20/20 vision. Some are near-sighted, while others are far-sighted. Therefore, changing font sizes is our way to be inclusive of people with visual impairment.

You’ve already seen the font settings above. It’s the settings with the plus and minus buttons. This is what you use to increase and decrease the font size, respectively.

chat menu

How will this feature help you? Personally, I’m a near-sighted person. However, I like to keep my font size small. I just like how the way it looks.

News and updates

This is just a small portion of the updates that we’ve made in the chat menu and admin panel. There’s more to come. From small to big changes, we are constantly improving our service. Our blog lets you know what those changes are and when they’re live. So, always check it out and bookmark it on your browser. You’ll be one of the people that know about it first!

If you’re a social media lurker, then this next option might just be the one for you. Follow us on our social media pages, for instance, our Facebook and Twitter ones. You’ll never miss a notification!

Liking our new features? If yes, then also check out our other new updates: Move and Resize the Private Chat Window, Delete Messages in a Private Chat, and How to Block Words and Profanity in your Chat. As I’ve said, we are always working towards our goal. That is, to make our customers happy and give top-notch service. We hope you join us on our journey to be the best online chat service. Therefore, we’d appreciate it if you keep supporting RumbleTalk. See you in our next blog!

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