Control the discussion with your own real-time Q&A chat

Host a web event or a Q&A chat session on your website! As live events are growing in numbers, they tend to have a group chat next to a live stream. This is where you can communicate with your audience. Perfect for companies and organizations that want to host a live event with a Q&A chat on their site.

Some integrate their events into different web platforms. Then, others need to be standalone where you can control the experience. Here, the Q&A chat that goes both ways. Therefore, you can share it on social media and you can seamlessly integrate it on your site.

How does the live Q&A chat work?

moderated chat

With moderated chat, you can use your chat as a Q&A chat for your live event. A moderated chat is an online group chat that you can use for different kinds of live events. Examples of these are conferences, live community discussions, or fan clubs for group interactions.

The Q&A chat functions as a moderated chat for your live event.

Any question or message by the members will not be seen in the group chat unless an admin approves it. Firstly, a chatter sends a question. Secondly, admins will be immediately notified. So, admins need to approve the question. Before approving any question though, admins need to screen them. Admins ensure that the chosen questions are of quality.

If a single question is chosen, it will appear as a normal message on the chat. If a question is not chosen, they will be deleted from the chat. Only the chatter who sent the question will know if his question was approved. Then, the questions that are unapproved will be deleted.

Here’s how you can get your own moderated chat

  • Firstly, create an account on RumbleTalk.
  • Secondly, choose moderated chat as your preferred chat type.
  • Then, open your chat and see that the moderated chat works properly.
  • If you’re logged in as an admin, you will see all the messages in the chat room. Each message will be accompanied by check and cross boxes on the right side.
Q&A chat

If a question appears on the chat, this means that it’s the one approved by the admin.

  • Members of the chat will not know if a question is deleted. Only the admin and the sender will know.

Two users of the moderated chat

  1. Admin – one approving and screening the messages. He can see all the messages in the chat room. This is the role of the chat owner. Also, people who are administered by the chat owner can be entrusted with this user type. The chat room will not progress without an admin.
  2. Chatters/audience – the audience is in charge of asking questions to the speaker. They make the live event full of discussion.

The two perspectives of the Q&A chat

The moderated chat has two perspectives, one for each kind of user. What are the two perspectives? These two are the admin’s and audience’s perspectives. Let’s see the differences between the two.

  • First, the audience can only send messages and wait for approval of the admin. They cannot see unapproved messages of other chatters. Here’s what the audience sees.
moderated chat

  • Second, an admin is the one who approves messages. He can see all messages. So, he needs to screen each one. Then, he will choose the most appropriate that the speaker will answer. Here’s what the admin’s perspective looks like.
Q&A chat

Reasons why you should use a Q&A chat

  • You can hold a live event right on your website.
  • By holding it on your website, you can strengthen your branding.
  • Set-up is relatively easy. It only takes minutes.
  • You can change chat types with just a click. For example, you can change from moderated chat to a normal group chat anytime.
  • Moreover, add paid access to your live event by choosing paid moderated chat as your chat type. Then, set your prices for entrance or subscription fee on your admin panel.
  • Admins can disconnect and ignore chatters that are causing a ruckus in the chat. In addition, they can ban IP addresses for more serious issues.
  • Moreover, there’s also a block and filter words feature.

The moderated chat keeps the chat organized. Therefore, normal chatting will be disabled. This keeps the chat linear and easy to moderate. Admins approve messages. So, no message will be sent out without approval. To conclude, chatters will feel more safe and secure.

Upgrading your live event with a moderated chat

Using a moderated chat helps you strengthen your connection with your audience. Live Q&A chats are helpful for your branding. Instead of just sharing your experience with them, you also directly ask them what they want and what they want to hear.

You encourage your audience to speak up. In turn, this leads to open discussions. These discussions help the speaker gain feedback. He can see and read the opinions of the audience. So, this is helpful for the speaker.

How does it help the speaker? Well, it unveils the speaker’s expertise.

Therefore, think of the Q&A chat as a way to broaden one’s horizons. The speaker can tackle more subjects in future live events. Additionally, this can lead to more exposure by social media sharing and word of mouth.

With a Q&A chat, you provide more security and safety for your audience. As said in the previous section, you can take precautions if anything serious happens. Therefore, there’s no place for negativity and harmful messages. Admins take care of the audience.

Different things work for different people. Interested in creating a moderated chat for your live event? Then, you can sign up on the RumbleTalk website. Just follow the steps above. Also, you can check out what other features the moderated chat offers.

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See you on the next blog!

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New Feature: Private Chat Options

Chat owners are now able to have more privileges to control private chats. This is a new feature for private messaging. These private chat options let non-admins to initiate conversations with the admin and other members.

The following options that a chat owner can set are:

  • Everyone can initiate a conversation with everyone.
  • Only administrators can initiate conversations.
  • Everyone can initiate conversations with administrators only.

Let’s discuss this one by one, shall we?

Everyone can initiate a conversation with everyone

private chat options

Previously, only admins initiated private messaging conversations. That’s been a problem for some users. There are users that want to reach the administrators.

So, to address this concern, we’ve have an option. If the chat owner enables this option, everyone can start a conversation in the private chat.

Only administrators can initiate conversations

private chat options

As previously said, this was the default option for private chat settings. With the new private chat options, chat owners can enable or disable this option. This means that only administrators of the chat will be able to start a private chat with another user, admin or not.

Everyone can have conversations with administrators only

This is a newly added option for the private chat. In the previous version, only administrators were able to start conversations. Now, everyone can initiate conversations but with admins only. This means users will only be able to chat with admins, not with other users.

Where to find private chat options?

If you want to change the private chat options, here are the steps you need to take.

  • Click “Settings” on the admin panel.
  • Next, go to the “Advanced” tab. You’ll see the private chat options on the right side.
  • Change the options by checking the boxes. Leave it blank if you want the option to be disabled.
  • The options can be changed anytime. However, one must allow private chat for the options to be activated.
  • You can also disable private chat on the “Advanced” tab.

Private chat options in the chat room

Private chat is very useful for private conversations. However, spammers and trolls also use this to harass other users. The chat owner is responsible to choose the trustworthy administrators. He/she also choose the status of the private chat, enabled or disabled.

A good thing to keep in mind is that group chats that have many chatters are also the target of trolls and spammers. So, chat owners may allow private chats in smaller rooms. They can also use the added private chat options for larger rooms.

If you have any questions about the private chat, you can consult the knowledge base. You can also contact support if you’re having problems with your chat. Our customer service will get back to you ASAP.

Enjoy this new feature and let us know on our social media (Facebook, Twitter) pages! Continue on enjoying the RumbleTalk features! There are also more coming so stay updated!

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How IT companies manage their customer community with the help of a group chat

As we know, IT companies are putting more effort in building communities where customers can express their thoughts, wishes and release some steam if needed.

What is a customer community?

It is not only about customer, everyone that is potential customer, employee, IT pros may gather together and form a community, all in one controlled place.

In addition, IT companies have many users that exchange ideas regularly. These ongoing community talks and live online community events aid in creating solutions and shift roadmaps.

IT companies usually hold an annual event where they can talk to their community. This live event normally happens on their website. Then, they communicate with their community via a live group chat.

How do IT companies manage their customer community with the help of a group chat?

As the live event is happening on their online community/website, they start with an open keynote session and live group chat where the audience could join the conversation and ask questions.

Following the live event session, the audience was given a choice to access the rest of the day’s information via a though or how-to-track leadership, IT industry track.

The tracks ran simultaneously, each having their own live stream and group chat. As each session comes to a close, the company will provide a pop-up notification. Then, each user can go to their next session and track.

With the notification, the company will take the current chat offline, move the respective user to the next session, and open the next live chat.

Having their own space where they can communicate


With an annual free live event, companies need a space where they can address customer concerns. From a particular IT company, they said they hold large Q&A sessions. This happens twice a year. During these events, various topics are discussed. For example, how to’s and future plans are touched upon.

These annual events provide IT pros worldwide with intermediate to advanced content. These events are not only for pros. Visitors of the live events may also join in.

It allows beginners, members, and experts to interact with each other. The topics are about troubleshooting, performance management, reporting, and monitoring.

Sometimes, a topic gets discussed on the live event and the customer community may have already found the solution. These kinds of topics are important for these live events.

In addition, there are also employees and technical staff on the event. They may also be able to help the customer community solve a technical problem.

Creating a customer community

By holding annual live events, IT companies build rapport. They teach their users and answer their questions about their products. This is what creates a customer community.

As part of the customer community, how can a group chat improve your live chat experience?

By using RumbleTalk, members of the chat will be able to chat publicly and privately. Members can hold private conversations. They can also hold live audio and video calls. Other features of the chat are the following:

  • Send smilies
  • Send images, PDFs, charts, and more
  • Link YouTube and Vimeo videos
  • Send donations and private payment requests (if the chat owner allows it)
online chat tool

As part of the IT company, what can you do as the chat owner?

Before your live event starts, you can customize your group chat. RumbleTalk has an assortment of themes, custom design features, and custom notification sounds. Chat owners can also export the chat transcript. The chat histories will stay archived for 3 months only.

admin panel

Chat moderation is easy with RumbleTalk. With the moderated chat (a chat type), admins need to approve messages before they get sent out. Therefore, Q&A sessions won’t be flooded with unnecessary messages.

chat for live event

If the group chat is open publicly, admins have the ability to kick users out of the chat. This means that they can disconnect, ban, or ignore users that are not contributing to the chat.

Another neat feature is that chat owners can add in-text keywords. So, if a keyword is used, this keyword appears highlighted. In-text keywords link to a specific page/website. Therefore, companies can use keywords to redirect users to their FAQ page.

Here are some other features that chat owners can use:

  • CSS customization
  • Admin mode (only administrators will be able to talk)
  • Enabling or disabling other chat settings (explore the admin panel)

How a group chat helps IT companies manage communities

A group chat helps the company to communicate with its customers. Being able to communicate in a live event means addressing questions on the spot. Yet, it also promotes a sense of community.

Having a group chat is also convenient and it allows IT companies to cut down their expenses. Holding an event is pricey. But, if you do it online, you can save more and is more productive.

In addition to that, group chats enhance the user experience during a live event. If you want to create a strong community, a group chat is your best bet.

Group chats make your live event approachable. It shows your customers that you care. So, companies should invest on their employees and customers. It’s what keeps their business alive.

To learn more about how RumbleTalk can benefit your company or organization, visit the Features page.

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