Where You Can Use Chat Polls

Leaders and organizations often ask their employees and community for feedback, but are there platforms that make them comfortable when giving their feedback? Chat Polls is one of the products that we use at RumbleTalk to give and receive feedback.

What is the Chat Polls feature?


Chat Polls is one of the products we have on the platform. It lets chat owners create polls. Then, the chatters can vote for their answers. Why is it good for giving and receiving feedback?

  • Chat owners will know what their audience wants.
  • Chatters can anonymously vote.
  • Chat owners can send as many polls as they want to receive the data they need.
  • Chatters have an outlet to vote and give their feedback on a specific topic.

If you want to know how you can use Polls, then you can read this article.

Where can you use Chat Polls?

Meetings or company discussions

Online meeting fatigue has taken over the world. Turning on your camera and wearing your headset is still a burden for some employees, event participants, or students.

However, if you use a poll, you can keep everyone connected without the need for a video meeting. For example, if you want to do a brainstorming session, then you can just create a poll. Input the different ideas and ask your audience what they like the best.

Virtual summits and conferences

Post-event feedback is critical to virtual summits and conferences. Therefore, polls are great for collecting feedback and your participants can stay anonymous. Here are some question samples that you can use for these kinds of events:

  • Who was your favorite speaker?
  • What kind of events would you like to see in the future?
  • Which topics intrigued you the most?
  • What can we do better?

After collecting the data, you can use the responses to enhance your next event.

Community and membership sites

Website owners should always make sure that the community has a voice. When you launch a poll, you give them an outlet to relay their wants for the community.

Since it’s for the growth of the community, members should have a voice and be heard. Let them vote on what they want to improve or see in the community.

Creating a feedback outlet with Chat Polls

chat polls

The future of communication is changing rapidly. However, when you try to change it up, you do your best to keep up with the trends.

For more tips and tricks on successfully hosting events or increasing audience interaction, visit our blog. Also, you can check out the knowledge base if you want to read guides about different features.

Need more custom features or plans? Then, contact our support team to start creating captivating experiences for your community.

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How A Live Event Chat Works for An Online Conference

Since information booths are so important to physical conferences, having a live chat on your online conference can replace that. With your technical team, they can assist participants in using the virtual tools. A live event chat helps that make accessible.

When you have a live event chat, you can immediately answer questions that might come up. Contact forms or emails are too slow and take up time. A live event chat is real-time.

For hosts, participants, and speakers, a live chat makes any event complete. Hosting an online conference with only contact and email forms is lacking. In a virtual environment, a live chat makes any event attractive.

Take the booth online

In conferences, it’s not really about the speakers. It’s the personal interaction between vendors and participants at booths. It’s also creating connections through networking.

This has always been the highlight of these events. Since you can’t replicate the booths, you can use the live chat to create a similar experience.

Instead of going to the actual booth, participants can start chat sessions with individuals, topics, or businesses. This can be set up with multiple rooms within a live conference.

chat platform for live events

Another thing that can be done is to set up a page for each company or individual. When their name or icon is clicked, it will redirect to a page that includes the live chat.

Live event chats are private

online conference

Not every conversation is appropriate for a group chat. Therefore, the live chat can also serve as a private chat. This replaces the private talks and networking that are present in physical conferences.

Participants can use the private chat to start a one-on-one conversation with a representative. These representatives can then take over and convert these participants into customers.

It’s always important for private settings to have privacy, but even more so at conferences. If one booth is from the medical industry, then privacy is crucial for them. An online conference with a public group chat is good, but one that has a private chat is even better.

Having a live chat can increase your sales on your online conference

Chat representatives can make use of the live chat to convert visitors to customers. A good practice is to collect users’ contact information for follow-ups. After that, you can send promotional material and newsletters to these leads.

Why did you use a live event chat for your online conference? It’s not just about connecting with your audience. You’re also looking into gaining new customers.

With a live event chat, you can make use of the chat to convert leads and increase your sales. That way, the use of the chat does not end when the online conference ends. It extends its use through follow-ups.

In-person conference versus online conference

In some ways, a live event chat is better than in-person conferences. A chat transcript is automatically generated when the chat is ongoing. There’s no loud noise that’s present in physical conferences and no crowding.

Since contact information is saved, a company can just export the users’ information.

chat for events

Another advantage of having a live chat is that multitasking is easier. A participant can go into multiple chat rooms and chat at the same time.

Similarly, an individual or business on the other side of the chat room can do the same. Multiple conversations are held at the same time. One representative can handle multiple chats with no downtime.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and get a live event chat for your online conference!

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4 Reasons Why You Should Use A Chat For Events

Having a conference, product launch, or summit coming up? It’s always a good thing to connect with your audience through online events. So, you should have an engagement platform up your sleeve. A chat for events will create buzz around your event.

You’re giving your event goers a platform to voice out their opinions. This can create good traffic and engagement.

With a chat for events, the audience is free to send questions whenever they want. However, it can be confusing to see all questions coming in continuously.

So, how can you hold a successful online event?

Let’s take a look at how a chat for events can help you.

Reasons why you should use a chat for events

Audience engagement

interactive presentations

Keep your audience engaged by letting them submit questions. After that, you can see that your audience will be more engaged in the event.

If you choose to answer their questions, then they will be engaged to send more. As a speaker or moderator, you allow your audience to enjoy the event to its fullest.

Separate chat for participants

Before the event starts, let your audience know of the group chat for your event. You can also tell them how it works and that it’s moderated by admins to make them feel secure.

Ask them to send in questions that are relevant to avoid being disconnected or banned. Then, the admins will choose from these questions and the speakers will answer them at the event.

Event experience leveled up

Now, you have a dedicated chat for events. With the moderated chat, you can take full control of your chat.

Also, admins are there to help you. With their help, questions will be easier to spot, and only necessary messages are in the chat.

If you want to keep the data after the event, you can export the chat transcript.

chat for events

It’s also available for sharing with your audience. It’s up to you where you’ll upload it, e.g., social media, newsletter, or in the group chat where they can easily access it.

Engagement rates spike up

Online events are usually held on a website or webpage. They will include either of the following:

  • Group chat – everyone can send messages.
  • Live chat – continuous influx of messages from the audience.

If your event is a small one, then the aforementioned chats can work. However, if your event is a larger one such as summits or conferences, then a chat for events (e.g., moderated chat) would be a better option.

This is because hundreds or thousands of participants are sending their messages. They are continuously coming in and you cannot handle that alone. So, how will the speaker answer the questions in this kind of scenario?

Here are some solutions that you can use.

  1. Use downloadable live software.
  2. Use a chat for events with a moderated chat to control the chat discussion.

Create a moderated chat when you use RumbleTalk as your chat for events. You don’t need to download anything.

According to event pros, using a dedicated chat is better for online events. Here’s how you can set up a moderated chat for your event.

Setting up your chat for events

One of the chat types that you can use is moderated chat. The moderated chat is a chat type that lets admins pre-approve messages.

Here’s how you can get started.

  • First, click Settings > General & Logins.
  • You will see all the chat types available. Select Moderated chat.
engagement solution

Starting now, any message needs to be approved by admins. Therefore, you should first assign admins to your chat before your event day.

  • Go to Settings > Users.
  • Then, click Add new user. Type the username and password.
  • Choose if admins will have global access or room-only access.
online event

Messages won’t appear in the chat room unless one of the admins approves them. Another thing to note is that only admins can approve messages. Therefore, non-admin users cannot see unapproved messages by other chatters.

This ensures that the chat stays spam-free. No clutter or unnecessary comments. It’s one of the top reasons why the moderated chat is the best choice for online events.

You can read this article if you want to host a Q&A session through the moderated chat: Step-by-Step Guide for Organizing a Q&A Live Session

All-in-one engagement solution for events

Are you now convinced to use a chat for events? These are just some of the reasons why you should use a dedicated chat for your online event. We hope this helps you decide what to get and helps you make your next event a successful one.

Engage your audience with a chat. Sign up today.

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