7 Chat Transcript Tactics to Increase Your Customer Engagement

This is a post about chat transcripts tactics from a new angel.

Using a chatroom on your website can greatly improve a customer’s experience in a variety of different ways. Most obviously, they are able to establish contact with the community and quickly and easily join a live discussion.

Perhaps you had a particularly great conversation through your chatroom and believe it could be helpful for other customers.

Well, you’re in luck! Chat transcripts can be a secret goldmine for marketing professionals and website owners.

What is a Chat Transcript? 

A chat transcript is essentially a record of a conversation that took place in a chatroom. At the end of a chat session or event, the webmaster can choose to export the chatroom transcript.

chat transcript example

Chatroom transcripts can be especially helpful because multiple points of view are present in the conversation. As the webmaster, you may find yourself publishing articles or posts that you think your audience would find helpful. Chat transcripts can demystify this process, as they represent the questions and interests expressed by visitors and customers.

Exporting a Chat Transcript 

When exporting a chat transcript, you have two methods to choose from.

  1. Export directly from the chatroom. This simple method involves logging into the chatroom and clicking on the export button in the lower left corner.You can only export the chat dialogue displayed in the current window, so it may be necessary to scroll up several times so all the relevant content will be exported.After clicking export, an HTML file will download in your browser.Once the download is complete, you can save the file and copy the link onto your website so users can access it directly.export transcript from the chat roomThis option can be done by any chatter unless you prevent it.
  2. Export from the admin panel. This is a slightly more advanced method, but still pretty simple to complete. This option, however, is only available for the account owner.After logging into your Rumbletalk account, go to the chatroom settings and click on “Archive”. The archive section keeps a record of all the chatroom history. If you are looking for chats that pertain to certain topics or for a specific conversation, you can perform a search using keywords.export as htmlYou can also search for chats that took place on or between various dates.Once you have found the chat you are looking for, click on the “Export As HTML” button located at the top of the window. An HTML file will download and you will be able to save the file and use it as you wish on your website.

Keep in mind that you may want to clean up the chat transcript slightly if you are planning on publishing it on your website or making it available to a wider audience. You can do it after an export using simple notepad editor.

There may be content in the transcript, like bad language or another distracting language, that may need to be removed in order to have a transcript that is more reader friendly.

How To Use A Chat Transcript: 7 Tactics

Now that you have the chat transcript to work with, you may be wondering how to use it most effectively.

There are several options to choose from depending on the content of the chat and how you want to share it with your audience. Below we will discuss 7 different tactics:

Tactic 1 – SEO

If you are interested in directing new visitors to your website, you may be interested in using the chat transcript for SEO purposes.

After exporting your chatroom transcript, you could add it to your website. Web crawlers like Google will then be able to pick up on various keywords that web users may be searching for. When web users perform searches using the same keywords, your website will be more likely to pop up. This helps increase your SEO.

Tactic 2 – Email

You may also wish to export a transcript and then send it directly to users who are already on your email list.

Obviously, your whole audience isn’t able to participate in a chat at the same time. Maybe a particular chat addressed some topics that you think other users would be particularly interested in. Sending regular emails also helps maintain a sense of connection with your audience.

Tactic 3 – Share the Chat on Social Media

Chat transcripts can also be great for sharing on social media. They may inspire you to think of new ways to connect with your audience and help you in creating greater buzz around your product or website.

You can grab small pieces of the transcript, like a particularly good quote or question, and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or anywhere else!

Tactic 4 – Be Inspired!  

Maybe you are looking for new ideas to keep your website and content interesting and relevant.  Chat transcripts can provide great insight into what users think and what they want from your website.

Good chatroom conversations can inspire a blog post or article that you know other readers and users will also be interested in.

Tactic 5 – Find Keywords

Chat transcripts contain a ton a valuable information that could help you think of new ways to advertise your website.

Based on the content of the chat, you may think of different keywords to use to create more publicity and attention for your site.

Tactic 6 – Save the Transcript as a Proof

Saving an archive of chat transcripts can also be a great idea, as they can serve a number of different purposes. You may want to use these proofs in the future for research, legal reasons, or as reference material.

Tactic 7 – Engage Your Audience

Finally, you can also use chat transcripts to better engage your audience.

When you place a chat transcript on your website, other users who didn’t participate in the chat are able to stay updated. The transcripts may contain valuable information like news or website changes.

Even if they didn’t participate in the original chat, users can still feel more connected. By seeing the webmaster engage with other users, they can get a better sense of how much the webmaster cares.


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3 Reasons to Use a Hosted Chat Room On Your Website

Over the years, the way that websites webmasters use chat rooms has evolved. In the past, it was common for a webmaster to install chat room software into a client’s website. This involved downloading, configuring, installing, and maintaining the chat room.

Now, there are better and simpler solutions! Using a hosted chat room service (cloud computing chat room) is much more typical these days.

Why the change?

Chatroom software could potentially be a huge headache for webmasters, creating problems within the website to a degree that it could possibly harm your business.

Case Study: A Real Life Horror Story for a Webmaster


This is an email from one of our customers that used to use a chat software within his website.

During a live chat event, he was forced to stop the chat, potentially causing him to lose customers and business. His words are below:

I installed a chatroom software script and used it for a 2 hour broadcast.
There were 6 people on the chat and maybe 20 messages in total were

Within a short period, my hosting company took my entire site down because 
they said the chat function was creating 20,000 queries per minute
and that it was using all the system resources of the server. Also, it 
was not obvious to me how to uninstall the script and I had to get my 
developer to fix it.

Can you imagine this happening to you or your business? How unprofessional! One small hiccup with chatroom software could seriously damage your reputation.

So how could this have been prevented? Below we will discuss how this happened, and three reasons why it is wiser to use a hosted chat room service in the cloud rather than chat room script software on your website.

Hosting Companies Prefer Websites Without Chatroom Software


Hosting companies do not like chatroom software. To understand why, let’s first make sure we understand what a hosting company does.

hosted chat room service

All websites are installed on a server controlled by a hosting company. Generally, hosting companies want to install as many sites as possible on one server. Even a small server machine with only a 1 CPU server could potentially host over 2,000 websites.

Bulkier websites take up more space and memory. Using chat room software on a website is a very heavy CPU and memory consumer. This means that the server has to devote more of its resources to make sure that one website is operating smoothly.

Like in the real life example above, one chatroom on one website could very well slow down the entire server because of all the server resources it is using. This means that 2,000 websites could go down just because of one little chatroom.


In contrast, using a professionally hosted chat room service avoids these problems. Because the chat room is essentially run separately from your site, your website and all the websites on your server can continue to operate effectively.

Don’t make the same mistake of the man above! Chat room software can cause problems for you, your business, and all the other websites on your server.

Pricing of Hosted chat Room vs Chatroom Software


When calculating the cost of using chatroom software, it is important to take all the peripheral costs into account as well.

First, the chatroom script software itself will likely be expensive. In order to run the software, the appropriate server is necessary. For a chatroom with heavy traffic, you will definitely need a stronger server with at least 4 CPU’s and 16 GB of memory.

Another option is to use several parallel servers. Either way, this can easily get expensive.

Beyond the cost of running chat room software, someone will also need to install and maintain the software. This involves making sure it is configured correctly and dealing with any malfunctions that may pop up.

This process can be very time consuming, as the installation process can be complicated. While it may have initially seemed like a good idea, using a chatroom software could end up being a real pain.

And, what if you need to upgrade your server to allow more chatters to get in?

This will require from your webmaster to configure a new server, migrate the current software and basically do a new installation. Webmasters know, it is always (always) an issue to migrate from one small server to another bigger server.

Conversely, using a hosted chat room service really is very simple, as they can be easily integrated into your website. Just add one little bit of code into the HTML and you’re done!

Chatroom Software Can Make Your Website Sluggish


When you install chatroom software on your website, chatters must use the machine (server) resources to talk (e.g memory and CPU). All the resources used to operate your website or database must be spread a bit thinner in order to make sure the chatroom functions properly.

Why does this matter?

Well, if the chatroom is heavily loaded, which can happen easily, more and more resources must be used to make sure the chat keeps working. This means that other parts of your website will run much more slowly.

hosted vs software

Chatroom software is generally not very robust. Load balancers, which help spread out the workload on a website, usually are not built into chatroom software, which can really pose a problem in a case of heavy chat traffic.

Another negative is that the chat software may not provide any way of backing up or storing conversation transcripts, which can be frustrating. You can always do it via the database, but hey, do you really want to get that way?

To compare, a professionally hosted chat room service does not share your website resources. This means all the CPU, memory, and bandwidth can be distributed amongst other parts of your website to keep it running fast and without any hiccups.

Essentially, a hosted chat room is run completely separately from your website. This avoids all the problems you may encounter using a chatroom software.

Though separate, a hosted chat room can still be seamlessly incorporated into your website. You are able to customize the style and feel of the chatroom so that it fits in perfectly with your site’s design and aesthetic.

Considering the cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and customized design options, it is hard to imagine choosing a chatroom solution other than a professionally hosted chat room service. Try it now!

hosted chat room style

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Complete your MixCloud Experience using a Chat Room

Just how important is listener engagement to your online broadcast?

The answer: really important! Up to 86% of users return to a website if they feel like they are a member of a community. This sense of community may be developed through the use of group chats, message forums, social networks, or a combination of all of the above.

If you are an online broadcaster using the MixCloud platform or another broadcasting service to produce an online or offline radio show, it may be in your best interests to consider developing a community around your broadcast.

Whether you like it or not, the reality is that your audience likely wants more than just your music, podcast or live show. They expect to engage with you, send in their opinions and feedback, and feel like they are a meaningful part of the show.

It makes sense, of course.

After all, given all of the many options, which radio/DJ station would they rather listen to?
One that only broadcasts the show and that’s it?


music and chat
One that broadcasts AND lets users influence the broadcast?

Your audience wishes to listen to some great music, a podcast or a live show. They choose to spend their time listening to you. They value their time, a LOT. Hopefully, you respect and appreciate their choice to listen to you and make an effort to fulfill their expectations. But….

  • Are you doing a good job?
  • Does your audience like what you do?
  • Do they have any feedback that could be helpful?
  • Will they listen to your broadcast again?

You get the idea! Broadcasting your audio is, of course, a good way to start and initially attract an audience. But if you want to develop faithful listeners, you need to ask yourself those questions in order to best understand how to engage with your audience.

Figuring out how to do this can be tricky, and if done wrong, may make your business look bad. So today, whether you want to engage your audience on MixCloud or elsewhere, we’re going to cover the right way to create engagement for your business, while also highlighting what may not work so well while using the MixCloud platform.


Why Engage Your Audience At All?

When it comes to creating good engagement, there’s one factor that, above all others, can have a huge impact.

The bad news is that it’s not easy. It’s not a sexy “hack” or a silver bullet. It takes work.

But the good news is that it’s simple, straightforward, and it really works.

The single most important thing you can do to develop great engagement is deliver an amazing customer experience. This will make your live broadcast unique and attractive to your audience.

Customers love businesses and organizations that treat them well. Like stated above,  86% of users will return to a website (and make a purchase as well)  if they had a good user experience, as found by Oracle in their Audience Customer Experience Impact Report.

Happy audiences help you grow your business in other ways, too. One American Express survey found that on average, happy customers tell an average of nine people about their experience.

social sharing stat

Focusing on your audience experience isn’t just a good idea. It’s absolutely critical, especially if you want to build the foundation necessary to ensure that your audience will say great things about you online.

3 Ways To Engage Your Audience

There are several ways to engage your audience. You may choose one way or a combination of ways. But always stat focused on this question: what is your overall goal?

You want to give your audience a reason to come back to your Mixcloud account or your website. You want to create a sort of community where you are the SUBJECT and center of it.
So how can you engage users?

There are three option that you may consider if you have a website.

  • Contact Us Form – This is the basic and proven way to build your audience email list. The best way to do it is to put a form on your web page and ask users to register or to answer a question and provide some contact details.
  • Live Chat – A live chat is a one-on-one chat that a website visitor can participate in with you or other employees.  This is a widget that you place directly on your website. This allows your audience to talk directly to you when they are online.
  • Chat Room – This is a live chat room where you are the moderator of the room. Your audience will be able to talk in a lobby chat room or in a private one-on-one conversation.

Now, this is all good for websites, but does this information apply when you have a MixCloud profile?

To add a widget to a website, you will need access to the HTML code page so you can insert the actual widget code. However, this is not the case with hubs (broadcasting platforms), so adding a code into MixCloud is not possible. This is common in platforms, as adding code might introduce a major risk to the platform.

So if adding a widget is not possible, how can I engage my audience?

Indeed you are not able to add code to platforms such as MixCloud, BUT you can add URL links to your profile. Just as within a  YouTube description where you can add a URL to your video profile, MixCloud allows you to add a URL to your description. This leaves us with:

  • Contact Us Form – Adding it to MixCloud is not possible.
  • Live Chat – Adding it to MixCloud is not possible.
  • Chat Room service – Adding a chat room URL to your MixCloud is possible.

Because we’ve recognized the impossibility of adding a Contact Us Form or Live Chat, we are left only with the Chat Room option.

chat room example


Why will adding a Chat Room to your MixCloud platform make you engage more fully with your audience?


There’s no question about it: a chat room is something we have grown very accustomed to. They pop up all the time in websites and apps and we often participate in our own chat rooms by being part of group discussions.

As a MixCloud broadcaster, incorporating a chatroom into your website is very beneficial. It allows you to:

  • Engage – You can engage and talk to your audience while they are listening to your music or podcast.
  • Get Feedback – Users can provide immediate feedback on the music or show and let you know if you are making the right choices and ask for special requests.
  • Talk in Private – You can ask talk discreetly in a private chat to any member of your audience in order to find out if the show is meeting their expectations.
  • Call – You can create a meaningful relationship with your audience and put a face and voice to them by contacting them on a live video call.
  • Promote – You can promote special offers.
  • Announce – You have the ability to make a different announcement when required.
  • Mingle – Allow your audience to mingle and talk to each other in a live private chat.
  • Create Cohesiveness – You can add the same chat room to your MixCloud, website, and even your facebook page to have a sense of cohesiveness across all platforms.

In order to best incorporate the group chat, you need to know some key points about chat rooms for community building purposes.


Managing a professional chat room requires some understanding.


Using a chat room has some rules. Let’s try to cover the three most common rules you need to follow when you have a chat room for business purposes.

  1. Moderate – Never leave a chat room without a moderator. It is essential that your chat is always moderated. It could be you, someone you trust or a power user in your chat room.
  2. Offline – When the chat is not moderated, you should put the chat in OFFLINE mode. This will block any option for a new discussion on your website. Instead, a message like: “We are off now, we will be back at 8 AM EST” will be shown.
  3. Private Message – You will have the option of allowing private chats. Private chats mean having one-on-one discussions. This includes text, voice, and video (you can set which options you wish to allow and which ones you don’t).
    Now, you should consider this next option carefully.  There are 2 main options with private chats.

    • Allow all – Set your chat to allow private calls between users.
    • Allow admin – Set your chat to allow only private messages between admin and a user. We always recommend this option to our customers as changing it to allow all is only the matter of a click.

Creating a new MixCloud chat room.

So, once you are familiar with the concept and rules, you can begin the process of increasing listener engagement by adding a chat room. It really could be a game-changer for your online broadcast!

Step 1: First, register in the RumbleTalk home page. If you need more information, you can read the getting started guide.

register and get your chat room url
Step 2: After registering, you will go to your admin panel, where you can copy your chat room link (URL). This URL is unique for your chat room. You can distribute it, send it via email and it will be your cloud chat room.

chat room url
Step 3: Last step, add it to your cloud chat URL to your MixCloud show description.

add a url to your mixcloud

You are done 🙂

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