Essential Chat for Live Event

Do you remember the days before live streaming was a trend?
When we wanted to organize a live event, we started building a groundwork to promote an event. We printed brochures, placed print advertising, and even television ads when the cost is feasible.

However, today, with social media and the internet, we can use them to promote our event. We are also able to monitor them anywhere we are. This is where a chat for live event comes in.

Live events are now reachable through social media. There are a lot of social media pages wherein you can hold a live event of your own. But, for a live event to be successful, you need to moderate it. With the use of online tools and solutions, you can manage to do that easily.

Some available social event management today offers the convenience of creating, promoting, and managing any kind of event. Whether it be a conference, exhibition, festival, gathering or social events, there’s always a solution on social media. However, we will see how Rumble Talk fills in the gaps where those social event managements are missing.

Chat for a Live Event For a Successful Event

There are many challenges when you’re working as an event organizer. These include managing successful events that need clear communication, excellent organization skills, and detail-oriented preparation for the operation. What is necessary for attracting and engaging participants to attend the events?

First, you always need clear communication. Second, organization skills are needed to ensure teamwork and cooperation. This lets the event organizer prepare things smoothly and flawlessly. Third, detail-oriented preparation is required from start to finish because event management is a hectic job to do.

All event organizers know that managing events is a daunting task. They are familiar with such hustle and bustle, and all that to understand how to manage a successful event. But with all those, is it the same with creating an event using social media?

It’s time that we take a closer look at social media as our tool for successful event management. How can social media really help us to create a more successful event and gather a wider audience? This is a question we need to answer.

Use of Social Media for Live Events

Even though social media has been doing its best to ease event management, it still needs improvement in some aspects. What do you think it needs? Social media only works in the pre-event period of the event. Social media event management can only promote the event, manage the registration, and monitor the participants. That’s basically it. When the event is happening, social media is practically idle.

Through the internet, we can use video or audio streaming to broadcast the event. However, streaming has its limits. we can use platforms like Twitter to give an account of the event, but the audience is unable to respond in real time. Therefore, a chat for live event is needed to ensure a successful event. That’s when we come in. We fill in the blank spots left by either live-streaming technology like Twitch and live-tweets by Twitter.

With our top-of-the-line technology for web chat platform, RumbleTalk provides the best chat for all kinds of live events you manage and organize. We provide event organizers the cutting-edge technology to bring their events to a wider audience.

Why Do We Need A Chat for Live Events?

Although social media has become a huge factor in our lives, event management still needs to explore more of the internet to manage a successful event. A chat for live event is what every event organizer needs because we’ve seen shortcomings of live streaming websites and social media in managing live events over the internet. The only feasible solution is to add a chat for live event. This, together with video streaming and social media, is the killing combination for live events.

Talk shows, seminars, conferences, discussion, what do all of these have in common? All these events have speakers and a Q&A session, where a chat is surely needed. When the event is broadcasted live through video streaming or social media, attending the event is made possible.

Audience reach is through the roof because of the internet because anyone around the world can tune in. In turn, real-time feedback is made possible through a chat room. Moreover, chat for live events provides the convenience for remote viewers to submit a question in the Q&A session. For instance, a moderator can submit questions directly to the speaker, and the speaker can answer the question via chat room or answer the question directly via live stream.

This will let the event’s organizer serve both audiences, namely, those who attend the event in place and those who attend the event remotely. For the audience in the event’s venue, they can have the pleasure of viewing the event live at the location. For the remote audience, the combination of live streaming and chat for live event will give them a convenient way to interact with the event.

Run a Live Event with Chat

As discussed, a chat for live event is a must. We give you two options to run a live event with a chat.

  • Group chat – This is the normal chat that we see and use every day. To start a group chat, each member must log-in. After that, they can start chatting as usual!

Just choose group chat on your admin panel. Then, members just need to log-in and they can type any message they want!

admin panel

Here’s an example of how a group chat would look like. Neat, no?

  • Moderated chat – The moderated chat lets you keep the chat safe. How? The admin needs to approve messages before it can be sent out.

To activate the moderated chat, just choose moderated chat as your chat type. This is great when you want to delete inappropriate messages before they get sent out.

moderated chat

Here’s an example of how a moderator approves or deletes messages. You see that there are check and cross boxes on the right-hand side of the message box. It’s simple. You just need to click them to approve or delete the message. This minimizes mishaps or negative messages in the chat. You can also avoid inviting harassers and spammers in the chat.

chat for live event

The chat for live event is in parallel with your event. The great thing with chat for live event is it’s also available on smartphones! Your audience just needs to open their mobile browser and copy the link. A chat for live event gives an audience reach that’s undeniable.

Benefit of Rumble Talk Chat for Live Event

The hustle and bustle of preparing a live event are surrounded by logistics and event preparation. It is the law of nature that, when you organize a bigger event, you need to prepare more. You need to take care of a bigger event venue, more food and refreshments, more parking space for attendance, more challenges in traffic and transportation, and many others. This is just the start.

When you inform the audience to attend and communicate your live event via RumbleTalk chat, those setbacks will not happen. You can handle even larger events and audience without having to worry on bigger logistics issue. You can use your current venue, your present food catering, and parking space. At the same time, you can reach a wider audience for your live event. That’s the most important benefit that the RumbleTalk chat for live event gives. If you want to create your own chat for live events, then you can create one here: Create your own group chat for live event.
Find out more on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Important Community Chat Features for Administrators

The RumbleTalk community chat includes many different options and features. As the platform is growing, we are evolving and we are always trying to ensure that the platform is user-friendly.

Our community chat features provide a high level of functionality matched by their ease of use; check out our top 5 features as follows.

Deleting chat messages

In a community chat, what does an administrator do? It’s moderating the chat.

Now, if someone was harassing your members or creating similar scenes like this, would you appreciate it? Of course not. This is all your hard work and you would not tolerate this kind of action in your chat rooms. With situations like this in mind, we have made deleting messages a quick and simple process.

All you need to do is click the trash bin icon next to the messages. This icon appears in both group and private chats.

delete messages

To clear the entire community chat message cache history (for all users), select the gear icon at the bottom of the sidebar. This will bring up your chat options. From here, you will see the “Clear chat messages” button. With one click, all chat messages will be cleared. Note that you will only see this option if you’re logged in as an administrator.

community chat

View a user’s IP address

Another part of your responsibility as an administrator will involve deleting another person’s messages in the community chat room. When a user is doing grave actions that can affect your chat, you need to take extra countermeasures. These actions can be harassing other members, asking too much personal information, and more. This extra countermeasure is found on the ability to view a user’s IP address.

An IP address identifies a computer and distinguishes it from all the other computers on the internet. Knowing the IP address of the predator or troll who is targeting your chat is the first step towards taking preventative action against such offenders.

community chat

The members of the chat community joined the chat room for a specific reason and that is to chat with others and communicate peacefully.

If there’s a person who just wants to cause a riot or problem in the chat room, then you can easily ban that user.

Hot to ban a user in a community chat

  • First, click on the profile of the user you want to ban/disconnect in the sidebar. This will open a private chat panel with that user, complete with messaging and moderation tools.
community chat

  • From here, you can select your course of action. You could send a warning to the user if he/she continues such misbehavior on the chat. Furthermore, you could disconnect the user. This temporarily kicks him/her out of the chat. Both of these serve as effective warnings.
  • If they ignore these warnings and continue to break the rules, you can ban their IP address. This removes the user from the chat and he/she is permanently banned from the chat room. Any form of action from the same IP address will be disallowed.
community chat

Usually, this can stop the average troll from bugging your chat room. However, if he/she is more than that, for instance, a predator, he/she will do anything to still access the chat room. This can be done by accessing the chat room with another IP address (other network or gadget). If that happens, you can remove that user in seconds and get back to those who warrant your attention.

With more than 10,000 bans in total in large community chats, banning a user by their IP address is one of the most noteworthy chat features across all RumbleTalk chat rooms. It is an effective tool that stops internet abuse and cyberbullying. It also keeps your chat spam-free.

If you want to unban an IP address, you can do so. By going to your chat settings and scrolling down to banned IPs, you can add manually or delete previously banned IPs.

community chat

Add information on users for others to see

The internet can be a dangerous place. Yes, we’ve reduced trolls and harassers by numbers in the previous section, but that need not be the case for trusted users.

A chat packed with hundreds of other users can be intimidating to someone who has just arrived. Where would they even start? As an admin, you can give them some guide about some users.

This guide pertains to a description of each member of the chat. Adding this information couldn’t be easier. Just go to the “Users” section of your admin panel. From there, you can provide a simple description of the chat members. This description can be their role in the chat or you can also give credit to the most helpful and valued members of the community.

community chat

Most importantly, this goes a long way towards humanizing authority figures such as the moderators and building trust between users. If your followers feel that they are secure and in a safe space, then they will be more receptive towards the community chat.

Export the transcript from chat to administrator

Exporting the chat room transcript can be highly useful to the administrator who runs their chat room in conjunction with a website. The exported transcript can be an unexpected and highly valuable source of marketable content. There are two ways to export a chat.

One is to go to the “History” option of your chat settings. You can then export transcript in three ways: as HMTL, as CSV, and as Word (beta).

admin panel

The second one is to export directly on the group chat.

community chat

With a bit of formatting, the chat room transcript can serve as an advertisement on your site. No need to edit your own testimonials; your users are already doing it for you. A post like this is unusual and consequently is sure to pique the interest of your readers.

Practical Chat Feature

When you post the exported chat transcript on your website, the users who missed your last discussion can catch up. They get to review the past conversation and contribute to the ongoing one. Your users will never be out of the loop.

In addition, this community chat transcript makes it easier to find words and phrases connected to your chat. This information is especially relevant for search engine optimization (SEO), and we can leverage it to rank higher in Google and attract more followers. More followers means more potential members.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • First, click the downward arrow icon at the bottom of the sidebar. This will export the chat history as an HTML file.
  • Note that this file will be entirely text. Any uploaded images or videos in the chat will appear as URLs in the exported chat transcript.
  • Clicking this button will export all messages currently loaded in the chat room. If you want to export older messages from the chat room, you will need to scroll up in the chat room to load them and then download.
  • Once downloaded, you can finally click on the HTML file to open it in your browser.

If you’d like to find out about how to export the transcript using more advanced criteria, check out our guide here. You can also check out the other way to export your chat transcript as shown above.

In Conclusion

At RumbleTalk, we are proud of these community chat features, but prouder still of our drive to improve the chat room platform. You can always be updated on our latest features and releases if you follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Chat Customization — Make Every Chat Room Unique!

As far as online chats and chat customization go, we are all familiar with the premise. We open a window, type what we want to say, and then we wait for a reply from the other end. Chats are similar in their goal, to communicate with each other, but have a different feel. They’re used in social media, in customer support, and pretty much anywhere else. Be it education, sports, or even stock trading, online chats are everywhere these days.


Do you think that all of that caters to each platform? Well, the answer is no. That’s why RumbleTalk offers its users the ability to customize their chat.

When you think of design, you always think of skins and themes, right? But for RumbleTalk, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can do more than just that. From backgrounds to changing fonts and colors, you can design your chat dedicated to your expertise.

Design your chat

You can customize the appearance of your chat room anytime. There are no restrictions when it comes to changing your design, so choose the one that suits your chat room best!


We’ve made it like that so you can customize the RumbleTalk group chat to fit your brand and site. In addition, you can also customize the look of both web and mobile versions.

We offer a quick editor for easy point-and-click customization of the web group chat in the “Design” tab of the new admin panel.

If you want to change the background of your chat, you can do so. Fonts and font sizes are also customizable. With the customization offers of the RumbleTalk group chat, you’ll never get bored of the same design.

With CSS, RumbleTalk group chats can also be fully customized in both web and mobile versions. CSS lets you change any aspect of the chat appearance. Web and mobile CSS changes are done separately, allowing another layer of custom design. We also shared some tips and tricks for web and mobile CSS so you can use it on your group chat.

chat customization

Chat Customization Options

More than just the visual aspects of a chat, RumbleTalk also offers customization for the following:

  • How much of a history of your chat saves,
  • Banning and limiting users,
  • Sending system messages,
  • Setting up admins,
  • And more! While we have most of them covered, we’re always listening to our customers’ feedback and suggestions!

Exporting your chat history

Who can export the chat history? This depends on you as the chat owner. By default, anyone can export the chat history. However, the chat owner can turn off the export button.

export conversation

Another chat customization hack is the chat owner can select a date range, and then export the group chat history by using the export archive option.

Limiting users

Why limit users?

  • It can be very hectic and busy when there are too many chatters in one chat room. So, you cannot control everyone who goes in and out.
  • This may lead to some unfortunate happenings like bullying or harassment in the chat.

To avoid this, you can limit your users per chat room.

To do this, you need to click “Settings” on your admin panel. Next, click “Users.”

upload profile picture

Click on “Add new user” and choose a role. Make sure to choose “Rooms” so that the user will only be allowed in a specific chat room.

add new user
user roles

That’s it for limiting users!

Banning users

To ban a user, you can do the following.

First, you need to log-in as an admin. Click the profile of the user you wish to ban. You will be presented two levels of banning.

  • Disconnect – The user will be disconnected to the chat, but he/she can immediately go back and log-in again. This is only a temporary ban, more like a warning or a suspension.
  • Ban by IP – A permanent ban. If a user is banned by IP address, whenever he/she logs in with any credentials, as long as it’s from the same IP address, he/she will not be able to enter the chat. This is great for bullies or harassers that can’t understand the rules of the chat.
chat customization

You can remove users from the Ban IP list by going to your admin panel, to the banned IP list and remove the IP.

When does it make sense to ban a user? As aforementioned, this can serve as a warning if it is a one-time affair. But, if a user prevails and uses the same foul language or bad behavior in the chat, then it’s probably best to just let go of this user instead of endangering the other members of the chat. This is what’s great about the chat customization features of RumbleTalk.

Sending System Messages

If you’re still not satisfied with the above features, there’s still more! RumbleTalk also allows you to customize the system message in your chat room. This means that people who enter your chat room will see this message when they enter your chat or even when you’re not around. A simple hello and when you’ll be back can be a big difference! The customization for system messages includes

  • An announcement for an event,
  • A global update about something,
  • And a friendly hello!
offline message

System messages will be seen by everyone in the chat, so you’ll be sure that they are notified.

Setting up admins

Just like the previous option on banning and limiting users, setting up admins has the same procedure. By default, you’re the only admin of your chat. As time goes by, many users will become members. So, you will need help in terms of managing chatters. To set up admins, you have to do the following.

First, click on “Settings” and choose “Users.”

upload profile picture

Second, click “Add new user” and choose admin. Select what role they will be playing in the chat. It can be for rooms only or global access. This means that, if an admin only has room access, he/she can only access a specific chat room. On the other hand, when an admin has global access, he/she has access to each and every chat room.

Make sure that you’re handing access to someone you trust because he/she will be the one who will be managing the chat when you’re not around. An admin has to be responsible for everything that’s happening in the chat. May it be a positive or a negative scenario, he/she must act on it fast. Plus, you need to ensure the safety of every user in your chat; therefore, he/she must always report to you.

Web and Mobile CSS

By being the most customizable chat room available in the market, we also offer controlling your chat design by using chat CSS. If you’re a tech and design expert, CSS will be easy for you. We’ve made it even easier for CSS beginners by sharing some tips and tricks for both web and mobile CSS.

To copy and paste your CSS code, all you have to do is the following:

  1. Copy the chat CSS code from the aformentioned tips and tricks.
  2. Log-in to your RumbleTalk admin panel.
  3. In the chat settings, under “Design,” click on “Add CSS for Web Browsers”. The same goes for mobile, but choose “Add CSS for Mobile Browsers.”
  4. Paste your code and close the box.
chat customization
chat customization

Chat customization advantages

Using RESTful API, you can go more than just customizing your chat.
It lets you manage and design your chat rooms. Not only that, but it also lets you manage your admins and users. The API also allows you to monitor your audience, as well as keep a log of who’s attending and participating.

When it comes to moderating your individual chats, you also have the option to blacklist and whitelist IPs. You can order and regulate access by doing this. You can manage these lists even while the chat is live, which allows you to dynamically moderate at any time. With different access levels for different users (from user rooms to admin rooms), you’ve already got a complete package in your hands.

With RumbleTalk, every chat, every video, and every event is a unique experience. If you aren’t convinced yet, give it a try and see for yourself just how amazingly customizable nearly every aspect of RumbleTalk is! If you have any questions about customization, just connect with us on Twitter or Facebook. We’ll be glad to address your concerns.

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