Three Reasons to Embed a Chatroom on Your Radio Station Website

The internet has enabled us to talk and discuss the topics we are most passionate about. An entire community sprung up online to fawn over recent Netflix hit Black Mirror, and during the recent issue about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanagh, thousands of commenters, especially on Twitter, huddled over their keyboards and have become keyboard warriors to discuss and debate.

Nowadays, people really become keyboard warriors on topics about politics, religion, and their likes. It would be foolish then for radio station websites not to get in on the act. One of the features of RumbleTalk to address this is to embed a chatroom.

The relationship between a radio station and the listener has always traditionally been one-sided— one talks and plays music and the other listens. There are a number of reasons why this still shouldn’t be the case.

Engage Your Listeners with a Chatroom

If you embed a chatroom into your radio station website, then you can engage with your audience in a whole new way.

Imagine that you are a radio host. Your work is a juggling act, one in which you must pay close attention to the music, the switchboard, and the needs of your listeners. It’s not easy, but you’re doing well—the numbers show that there are plenty of listeners tuning in.

When you call out for song requests, however, very few people get involved. The same goes for callers; usually, there’s no response. What’s the problem?

It could be that your listeners are simply too busy with their lives to phone in. Or, maybe they don’t feel comfortable talking live on air. Whatever the reason is, a chatroom is a perfect panacea for these problems.

When you embed a chatroom, a listener can send a message or request instantly. No queues, no pressure, just instant communication. You can tweak the content of your radio show in turn, and you can immediately improve the show for your listeners, for more engagement either verbally or through your chatroom.

Live interactive chat

From there, it gets better. Before the generation of smartphones and the internet, listeners were restricted to texts and phone calls; now, they can use a range of media to get their point across. Instead of trying to tell the host a funny story, a listener could send a picture of it in the event that it happened. This could be enjoyed not just by the host but by the entire community, leading to more discussion. There’s nothing wrong with a caller explaining the current political debate, but why not embed a YouTube video, where you and the other listeners can watch?

If this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. Quality chat rooms allow you to configure them to fit your needs, however, you want it to be.

A Responsive Tool

In the first quarter of 2018, it was found that, from 45%, 57% of online radio listeners are listening to podcasts once a week. This means that, throughout the years, radio station websites still continue to gain listeners. For many, especially the old generation, it is their primary means of hearing the news and learning about the latest issues, trends, and gossip. For a radio station, being on top of those issues is a great asset.

When you embed a chatroom into your radio station website, you can learn more from your listeners than their favorite song of the moment. You discover their pressing concerns, the stories that are burning in the hearts and minds of your audience. You can use this as a strategy to become an indispensable public service in the eyes (or rather, ears) of your listeners.

This is especially significant during a Q & A or a live debate or event. By inviting the perspective of your audience, you can gain valuable insight into every facet of the issue. Maybe you and your team overlooked an aspect of a discussion that one listener deems crucial. A chatroom enables you to tailor the content and structure of proceedings in real time based on what your listeners want to hear. In doing so, you can build a relationship with your listeners, which brings us to our final point.

Embed a Chatroom and Generate Community

By embedding a chatroom into your radio station website, you lay the foundations for a community to grow.

A group of listeners who sends messages to the host will naturally begin sending messages to each other, creating a whole new community. These people would have previously listened alone. Now, they generate a powerful following for your radio station and its programming that both of you can enjoy. This feeling of camaraderie will have them come back for more the next time you air.   

This, being the internet, debates can sometimes turn ugly. As the administrator, you can communicate directly with any listeners who are being abusive or having a negative impact on the chat as a whole. If they continue to do so, you can suspend them or even remove them from the chat entirely. You will serve as the role model and the rule maker of your radio community.

Embedding Options

Embedding means getting a piece of code and adding it to your website (WordPress, HTML, etc).

RumbleTalk provides 2 types of embedded chatrooms.

  • A floating toolbar chatroom, which is an icon on the right or left.
    Floating toolbar embed chatroom
  • An embed option on a page, where you can copy and paste an embed code on your website.
    embed a chatroom in a page or full screen
  • In addition, you can always get the chat to be full screen using a link that is shared with your audience.

How Do You Embed a Chatroom?

In this section comes a guide of how you can embed a chatroom in your website. Follow these steps for easy embedding.

  1. In your new Rumbletalk dashboard, you will see the Embed option. Click on it.embed
  2. After clicking it, a setting for the Embed option will appear.embed settings
  3. There, you will see the  following settings on embedding a chatroom for your website:
  • Width and heightwidth and height
  • Floating chat optionfloating chat
  • Code for your chatroomembed code
  • Instructionsembedding instructions

It’s easy, right? Now, you can communicate more with your audience and vice versa.

Of course, you can’t have your eyes on the chat all the time; you have a radio show to run. Not a problem—you can appoint members of your team to act as moderators. They can keep an eye on the chat and ensure healthy discussion while you operate the studio. 

Those are just a few of the excellent reasons to embed a chatroom into your radio station website. It’s important to note that not all chat rooms are equal, and not all of the aforementioned features are available in all chatrooms.

Get in touch to find out more.


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New Feature in WordPress Members Chat: Choose what Display Name users will see

The RumbleTalk WordPress Members chat plugin is constantly introducing new features. One of the latest additions is the display name feature. It enhances the option for members to log in with a specific name. Here is a quick overview of this new feature and how it can be used.

What is the display name feature?

The new display name feature is an easy way to control what name will show in the member’s group chat.

The name that will show in the members chat is being taken from the WordPress database. The options are:

  • User Name (default) This is the login name of a user.
  • Nick Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • First Name + Last Name
  • Last Name + First name

members chat display name

How does the new WordPress members chat display name work?

After installing the chat plugin, you will see a new black arrow next to the member’s field, simply choose the option you like or leave it to use the default name.

How does the member display name feature work?

As with all plugins, just having access to a lot of features isn’t enough. You need to know how to leverage them effectively to justify integrating them into your membership site. Here is a quick overview of the new feature.

When a user clicks on the member’s checkbox, the plugin is basically activating a code in the WordPress service that connects your WordPress users base with the chat, this can also be done manually if you do not want to use the RumbleTalk WordPress plugin.

From this point, any user that logged in to your WordPress site will be automatically logged into the RumbleTalk chat room. Now the new feature will control what name will show as the username.

The feature was introduced in order to present maximum flexibility to decide what username will look like.






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Educational Group Chat Role in the Online digital Era

Education methods are changing. Online teaching using new teaching resources, and teaching tools are part of the revolution. In today’s world Educational group chat is one of a teacher best friend.

Today 30% of Australia students between 4-16 years old are learning In Homeschooling programs. In The US, Homeschooling is growing exponentially.  In the department of education research, the info we read is pretty conclusive. It certainly shows Multiple Data Points Increase between 2012 to 2016 and Later.

But that is not all, teaching methods are changing for all, from students to coaching, psychologists and more.

This means that the tools that help educate the next generation are also changing.

So… what has changed? What are the advantages? What is Educational Group Chat?

  • Group discussion
  • Private chats
  • Private calls (video and audio)
  • Read messages when you can

Spoiler: Get your own group chat for your website or class

Educational Group Chat

As for traditional education. It faced its challenges. The world is changing faster and faster.  We see that the internet is a major boom factor and the number of university students is declining in certain areas as the old role of a traditional educator with a ruler in his hand is no longer needed. The internet started the revolution.

Educational Group Chat for Teachers

In the old world, Teachers are responsible for delivering the educational material to students.
It shows that traditional teaching is still the best as long it will adopt certain tools to help them reach students more efficiently.

A teacher is the most important factor to strengthen the education system because they must be fully equipped with the latest knowledge and understanding about the new technology.

education chat - homeschooling Teacher

Using educational group chat is an opportunity for students and teachers as well. Information technology-based teaching is an effective way to access student in a different area to the same classroom.

In order to deliver information technology-based teaching, or commonly known as ICT based teaching, a teacher must possess sufficient knowledge of the technology and deliver their materials. Thus, ensuring the success rate of delivering learning material.

Teaching With Educational Group Chat

Information Technology based teaching enable a student to improve their learning and it requires teachers to improve their teaching methods. In 1978, Japan established their National Institute of Multimedia Education (NIME), to prepare a new methodology for delivering educational material to students across Japan.

In one of its program, NIME has successfully established an inter-connected Internet link in 150 universities across Japan. One of the class that we saw, was conducted with Koichi Wakata, Japanese astronaut onboard International Space System as a guest lecturer in 2001.

educational group chat

The class was attended by 4200 students from 114 universities. This class can be classified as the most populous educational group chat ever conducted.
In 2009, NIME was merged into OUJ (Open University of Japan). It utilizes broadcasting media for delivering the teaching materials for lifelong learning.

Therefore, it provides innovative means and methods of education for universities and higher education institution to deliver the learning materials. One of them are lectures broadcast via the multimedia channel, and online courses equipped with educational group chat and chatroom at the end of each class session for quizzes and discussion between students and lecturer.

With its ease of access and teaching material delivery, OUJ now has become the largest educational institution in Japan.

Another case is in Korea with its Korea Education & Research Information Service (KERIS). Furthermore, since its establishment in 1999, KERIS has become at the forefront of providing Information Technology based learning in Korea.

Its achievement is the national educational information service called EDUNET and its research information service system or RISS, an academic cooperative network of research institutes in universities in Korea linked with other research institutes abroad. The latest advancement is KOCW (Korean Open Course Ware) to provide service of learning materials For its relentless effort to pursue technology advancement, UNESCO awarded KERIS the first prize for ICT in education in 2007.

What are the Benefits of group chat?

With the advancement of technology in communication, information sharing has found its new method. We all know that the technology for group chats as first introduced for educational purpose at the University of Illinois back at the beginning of Internet in 1970’s.

Nowadays, group chat room purpose for educational group chat has found a better implementation of the latest technology.

Even UNESCO, a United Nations agency for education, science, and culture has acknowledged the needs of information technology for education. In 1997, UNESCO established its Institute for Information Technologies in Education (IITE) to provide design and implementation of information technology in education around the world. In its report for the Internet in Education, IITE noted the importance of group chat for educational purpose.

Educational group chat is important for constructive learning along with other Internet communication methods such as group chat and mailing list.

We have seen how group chat and its technology is considered serious tools for education and learning purpose. From the beginning of its creation, a group chat was designed primarily for educational purpose.

Therefore, it is reasonable that Internet-based education will always consider educational group chats as a mean for delivering teaching materials and knowledge sharing.

Get your own educational group chat and embed it in no time on your website or class.

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