Determining the number of audience if you need a chat platform for live events


Large events attract significant numbers of attendees. When an event is held online, this number becomes larger since the event can have a worldwide reach. When you avail of a chat platform for live events, the event participants will want to join.

RumbleTalk serves many event platforms/companies globally.

If you are expecting a large number of users, you may need to share with us some more information about your event so we can advise you.

From our experience, not all of your expected audience will join the online event. Only 10% to 20% join as chatters in live events. Why is that? Here are some common scenarios that may happen.

Common scenarios why seats don’t get taken in large events

Since we’ve been catering to the event industry, here are some of the scenarios that we’ve encountered.

1. Is this a two-day event?

2. Is this a live-streamed event?

3. What would be the peak number of participants?

4. Is the audience going to be scattered in different rooms/pages on your site?

Because of these scenarios, not all seats get taken for an event. Only 10%-20% of the seats get occupied. So, what can we suggest that you do for large events like this?

Start with a small plan

The RumbleTalk enterprise plan starts with 1000 seats, one room, and one admin. You can grow to as much as you need to go. We suggest that you start with the plan that suits your online events well.

You can upgrade your plan if you want more. You could add as many as you need. The price of your chat platform for live events will depend on what you add, e.g., seats, keywords, admins, etc.

Once you’re ready to grow to a large event with more than 10,000 simultaneous users, then this is the time that we can prepare your account to ensure it would be able to handle this big event.

RumbleTalk’s servers can handle as many simultaneous users as needed in any event. However, if you are going to have an event of more than 5000 simultaneous users, giving our support team a heads up can ensure your chat account is prepared to handle this load.

Attendance in events

Based on experience, only 10-20% of people who registered for your event come in simultaneously at the same time. Most of the huge companies tend to go for the route of spreading their audience into different rooms or pages with different topics.

This is because events with more than a thousand people tend to be chaotic and much harder to manage.

Have you been doing online events with a large number of audiences (20,000 and above) in the same room? Or maybe this is the number of the expected viewers that will watch at the same time?

This is something that you have to take note of since not all watchers use the group chat to start a conversation.

Discuss with us to set up your chat platform for live events

chat platform for live events

If you are really going to have an event with more than 8000 simultaneous users, then we would have to set your account with special servers so the chat can accommodate your event smoothly.

So, let’s schedule a meeting. We can discuss what a chat platform for live events can do for your next live stream, conference, or event.

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