Using Elastic Chat to Engage Your Audience in Big Way


People typically access chat rooms on small laptop computer screens and monitors, but RumbleTalk elastic chat enables users to expand the chat window up to any size.

You may be wondering, why is this helpful?

Well, when only one user is logged into a chat from their laptop, the size of the window may not be of great concern. Typically an individual is sitting close enough to the chat that it can be easily read. However, having the ability to make the chat window larger can better facilitate conversation among a larger group of people.

There are many reasons why your business, organization, or group may want to have access to elastic chat rooms. Some reasons may include:

  1. Online group gaming sessions
  2. Business meetings and professional events
  3. Educational settings

Let’s look out why elastic chat can be so helpful in the scenarios listed above.

Online Group Gaming Sessions

Video gaming culture has never been more popular. While gamers may still enjoy playing solo games, more and more players are becoming interested in MMO games, or massive multiplayer online games.

MMO games are extremely interactive in nature. Rather than one player moving through a game by themselves and only interacting with computer-generated characters, players can interact with avatars created by actual individuals  who are logged into the game at the same time. These players may be completely anonymous or players may choose to play with their real life friends. There are a number of ways that players can communicate to each other during gameplay. Some gaming consoles allow for players to have headsets, enabling them to speak to their friends and other players.

Another option would be using an elastic chat. For someone who is playing a game from their computer or laptop, they could login to their RumbleTalk account to chat with other players. The elastic chat capability would allow players to minimize or maximize the chat window at their convenience.

Some players may have dual monitors, allowing them to play the game on one monitor and drag their chat window to the other monitor. With elastic chat, the chat window could easily fill up the entire monitor screen, making is simple for players to quickly glance over to see if anything interesting is happening in the conversation or if any new strategies are being developed.

Business Meetings and Professional Events

Many of us may have attended a conference or business meeting that was supposed to be interactive. The speaker would ask an open-ended question with hopes of receiving a lot of feedback from the audience or their co-workers. However, more often than not, people seem to be hesitant to offer their perspective or ask any questions.

Whether this lack of feedback is due to anxiety, an unwillingness to engage, or the fear of looking foolish in front of a crowd, the speaker is often left waiting in awkward silence.

Incorporating an elastic chat into one of these such meetings could easily solve this problem. Participants and attendees in meetings and conferences could all log on to the same RumbleTalk chat room. The speaker or chair person of the meeting could also log on to the chat, maximize the chat room window using the elastic chat feature, and project it onto a large screen in the front of the room. Attendees could then offer their feedback or answer audience-directed questions,  with the option of remaining anonymous. This option allows people who  don’t like speaking in front of others the ability to actively participate in the meeting.

Educational Settings

Many classrooms, educational groups, and collegiate clubs actively encourage participation from their members and students.

For example, a professor teaching a course on business ethics may present students with a hypothetical scenario. They may then ask students for feedback as to what the ethical course of action would be in that scenario. If the professor and students  logged into the chat room at the same time, students could submit their responses. They could respond to other students’ suggestions and share their perspectives. With elastic chat, the chat window size could be increased so that the entire classroom could see it and participate.

Educational groups and clubs may also benefit from elastic chat. While they may use elastic chat in the way described above to  facilitate discussion, they could also be more creative.

Many clubs and groups plan events for their members.  With an elastic chat room, a club would set up a chat for its members specifically. They could play icebreaker games within the chat as a fun and low-pressure way for members to get to know each other.

There are many ways elastic chat can be utilized for the benefit of your group, friend circle, or company. RumbleTalk offers the perfect chat room solution, offering a number of impressive features and benefits in addition to elastic chat.

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