Five Reasons Why an HTML Chat Room Can Give Your Business a Leg up


Widely accessible online chat rooms have been around for over two decades. But what they were then is a whole lot different from what they are today. The leading chat rooms of today are HTML chat rooms. Offering greater accessibility, mobile friendly, cleaner coding, and better interactions, there are many reasons why website owners and managers choose to opt for an HTML chat room over other technologies.

In this post, we’ll look at the top five reasons an HTML chat room can give your business a leg up:

1. A Customizable Experience

group chat theme

One example of an HTML chat room, RumbleTalk, also allows for custom look. In other words, one chat room does not need to look the same as another. RumbleTalk’s unique technology allows you to customize a variety of features to suit your brand, including:

  • Chat room templates
  • Font style
  • Notification sounds
  • Mobile css control

You can also control the size of the chat room window, including whether you want it to be a floating window or part of a page.

2. No Installation Necessary in an HTML Chat Room

Unlike other programs in existence today, you do not need to download or install an HTML chat room on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. All modern browsers support HTML5 (including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari IE9), and the HTML5 doctype even allows it to be used on old, laggy browsers. I

The HTML chat rooms utilized by RumbleTalk, for example, allow you to have a one or many group chat room in virtually any HTML page. You can hold and host chats on your website, over social media, and alongside webcasts and online presentations. More than that, it is available in both web and mobile.

HTML chat room on mobile

3. Effortlessly Share Multimedia

Another key benefit to choosing an HTML chat room is that all users (and you) are given the ability share any type of multimedia. From documents and images to YouTube and Vimeo clips, all multimedia can be copy and pasted into chat, allowing chatters to share relevant resources in a real-time environment.

html chat room with video sharing


4. Easy Video Chatting

Not too long ago it was only possible to have video chats and audio discussions by using another program. But in an HTML chat room, you can easily hold one-on-one audio and video chats with another person in the chat. This improves communication amongst users and it saves all chat room participants time.

html chat room video call

5. A Secure Connection

One concern that users often have is how secure the chat room they are using really is. RumbleTalk’s SSL encryption ensures that everything which is said in your chat room is only accessible to those who are present in the chat.

This HTML chat room service gives a host full control over the flow of the chat, including who is present. You can assign a moderator to oversee the conversation and to ensure that all participants follow the chat room rules. If a rogue participant attempts to disrupt your chat, you can ban and block that user by their IP address.

The technology also features anti-spam technology, which prevents spammers from misusing the RumbleTalk chat room. Anti-spam allows you to blacklist predefined words so that you can prevent abuse and harassment in your chat room.

With all these features and more, it’s no wonder businesses today are choosing HTML chat. For more details on how Rumbletalk can help your business, visit the demo page to see how it works.

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