WordPress Wordpress Group Chat Room Plugin - for WP, Buddypress, BBpress.

Download and Install the group chat plugin.

Download the chat plugin . Install the Plugin.
Activate your group chat plugin.

Activate your wordpress addon plugin to enable your group chat

Register and Create your chat.

Go to Wordpress Settings, to RumbleTalk Chat and register (email and password).
If you have already an account, you can click on the "I already have account" and add your chat room hash (8 chars long) to the plugin settings.

Register in your wordpress plugin to get your chat hash code

This is your chat hash code

After registering, your chat code (hash) will show in the chatroom code field.

* In case you do not get the hash code, you will need to manually register at RumbleTalk Site and get your code.

Wordpress auto register mode to get your hash code

Initial Setting of your chat

You can control the size of the chat. You can also decide whether it will be a embed chat (in a page) or a floating chat (toolbar chat on the right bottom side).

* Note, in some wordpress themes the size of the chat might be smaller or longer than expected. In that case, see troubleshooting below.

Set and Control the width and height of your group chat room

In this step you can control any aspect of your chat. Choose the width and height, the type of chat notmal or floating (toolbar chat). You can integrate your own users base with a click. Finally you can customer the chat behaviour as you like by clicking the setting option.

Now add your Group Chat Room to your page or posts

To add RumbleTalk group chat to your site, go to a page or post in your wordpress admin.
Use the phrase [rumbletalk-chat] in your posts text (you can do it in the visual mode, no need to switch to HTML view) in order to position the chat widget exactly where you need it.

Embed the chatroom in your site

See the group chat in your site

Go to your website to the page you added the chat, you should see the chatroom in your page.

See how your chat room looks like

Troubleshooting 1 - Registration does not work

If you could not complete your registration (meaning you have no hash code shown in your plugin settings), you should go to www.rumbletalk.com.
Sign-in and get your chat code. Than you will return to the plugin go to the "I already have my RumbleTalk Chatroom code" and manually add your chat hash code.

Troubleshooting 2 - Chat is too long

In some wordpress themes there is an issue to control the size of the chat. As elastic chatroom, it will expand to the max size you allocated for it. In case the chat height is too small or too long, you will need to do the following:

  1. Remove RumbleTalk plugin.
  2. Than copy the following code (java script).
  3. Add the chatroom code below directly into the text code(not the Visual mode) of the page.
  4. Copy and paste the code below into your html, make sure you replaced the chatcode with your own chatroom code.
<div style="max-width: 600px; height: 500px;">
<div id="rt-17d4adfcb486bf55ea7627a692361510">
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src="https://www.rumbletalk.com/client/?chatcode"></script>

Troubleshooting 3 - Add the chat to the Footer

Advance users: for advance users that wish to add the group chat into every page of the website. There is a possability to add the code a to the footer file of wordpress.

<div style="max-width: 600px; height: 500px;">
<div id="rt-17d4adfcb486bf55ea7627a692361510">
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src="https://www.rumbletalk.com/client/?chatcode&1"></script>

Troubleshooting 4 - API Users base Login Issue

If you want to use your own users base for automatic login. you should make sure your settings is correct. Read more here.