Better Communication, Better Profiles, Better Design

RumbleTalk rolled out three new updates for our beta users over the weekend that touch on different aspects of the group chat experience.

  • Better Communication: Chat administrators can privately contact users even when private messages are disabled.
  • Better Profiles: User profiles can now include a description.
  • Better Design: The profile and private communication menu design has been improved.

If you’d like to be one of our beta users, just let us know!

More details below:

Better Communication

Previously, private communication could be entirely enabled or disabled but there were no exceptions. Either way, the setting applied to everyone in the group chat room.

Our customers asked for the ability to disable private communications among all users and still allow chat administrators to have the ability to initiate a private conversation with a user.

Now this is possible!

group chat and private chat

From the chat setting menu, under general, select BOTH private chat and administrator only. With this configuration, chat administrators can click on the user they want to speak privately to and send a message or make an audio or video call, but users will not.

private moderator conversations

We’ll have a support page to explain this in detail soon.

Better Profiles

We’ve always had the ability to write a notes or a description of a user in the Managed Users tab of the settings panel.

With our latest update, these descriptions will appear for everyone to see within the group chat room.

To see a user’s description from within the group chat, click on the user profile and then the settings icon.

group chat user descriptions

Better Design

While we were working on the previous two updates, we also improved certain aspects of the user profile and private communication dialog box.

Take a look!

private chat design update

We prioritize our features based on customer feedback. Let us know what you want to see next!

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Just For You, New Archiving and Mobile Features

Today, the RumbleTalk team is releasing new features for both mobile and archiving capabilities.

Let’s cut to the chase:

New Mobile Features

We at RumbleTalk understand that our customers want a group chat that is mobile friendly. In fact, designing a mobile friendly group chat was one of the first goals we set to the development team.

We’ve added three buttons for mobile users to

  1. expand the chat window to full screen
  2. increase font size
  3. decrease font size

Now all you need to do is let your readers know, so we drafted short email for you to send to your customers.

“Hi there,

I just wanted to spread the word that our group chat feature, powered by RumbleTalk, has just added a few new buttons you might want to know about.

When you are accessing the group chat room, click on the three vertical squares in the top right corner to view the settings menu. From there you can:

  1. Expand the chat to full screen
  2. Increase font size
  3. Decrease font size

Chat with you soon!
-A RumbleTalk customer”

New Archiving Features

Responding to customer requests, we’ve now added a button with the group chat to delete the entire archive of messages. Previously, this had to be done from the admin panel.

To access this setting, you must be logged in a group chat administrator. At the bottom of the user panel, click the gear icon. You will then be able to see the QR code and a button to “Clear chat messages”.

This action will irreversibly delete all saved messages on the RumbleTalk platform.

For more information on archiving settings, click here.

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How to Save a Group Chat Transcript…or Not

chat transcript with rumbletalk

True to our mission, we’ve even designed our transcript saving options to be versatile.

There are two settings that affect your group chat archive and how you and your users access that transcript. Depending on whether you want your full conversation available at all times, saved for later, or not at all, you’ll want to ensure your settings match your preferences.

Once you are logged into the Admin Panel, navigate to the Archive tab under Settings. There you’ll see two options.

  1. Enable archiving
  2. Show archived messages in the chat

This post will explain the effect of each combination of selecting these options. For more information on why or how to export transcripts, click here.

If you select both

Save history and show in chatSelecting both options will allow the group chat owner and users to see and export the full chat transcript.

From within the group chat window, any user will be able to scroll up to see the chat transcript.

For a user, the export option within the group chat room will only export those messages currently in the window. However, from the admin panel, the group chat owner can export the entire chat history saved on the RumbleTalk servers.

Data saved on the RumbleTalk servers is stored for three months.

If you select only “Enable archiving”

Yes and no

In this scenario, the full chat history, saved on RumbleTalk’s servers, will only be accessible to the group chat owner from the admin panel. Again, this archive goes back three months.

Group chat users will not be able to see messages that were sent before they entered the group chat room.

If you select only “show archived messages in the chat”

This will prevent the group chat owner from being able to see or export the group chat archive from the admin panel and messages will not be saved on the RumbleTalk servers.

Users will still be able to export the conversation existing in the window post-login. When all users have logged out, the conversation will no longer be available.

If you do not select either

No archive

If neither option is selected, the conversation will not be saved on the RumbleTalk serves, and users will not be able to see the messages sent prior to their login.

Up to 50 messages sent post-login will be available within the group chat window. It is still possible to export these from the within group chat window unless modified using CSS.

Live chat room with no history saving

Have any questions? Contact us at

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