Now, It is Easier than Ever to Customize your Chat Background

The Design Chat Room Service with Style

In the beginning, before we started RumbleTalk, we had a community website with a software package we used to sell for web designers. We had a large number of listed members and we wanted to add an extra way to allow the group to engage with us (the site owner) and with each other. We thought that a chat room in addition to our forum will do the work.

We looked a lot to find a good nice looking chat, one that designers would appreciate. We looked for something unique that we can add easily to our website. One major factor in our research was our need to customize the chat, really customize it, not only change the chat colors, but also the ability to change borders, line thickness, background images, fonts and more. As you can imagine, we could not find any service or downloadable chat software for group chatting with customization abilities.

What we found is a variety of FLASH chat rooms, old style, non mobile friendly with very little options to customize anything. So we had no choice……..Well, it looked awful. We tried one or two but the result was that it always looked like someone forced a non related chat to the nice looking global design of our community website.

This is why we thought to initiate the creation of RumbleTalk group chat service. Our vision was that website owners will be able to do pretty much anything themselves. They could create and embed the chat easily, set it up to match their website design, Put it offline, Change the design on the spot. That is how RumbleTalk was born.

It took a while to make it neat but after a lot of work, we launched RumbleTalk.
Today RumbleTalk have three major areas where users can DIY (do it your self) with respect to design and customization.

Theme Library

We have created several themes that are presented in our skins library. Currently we have over 20 different group chat design for website owners. This makes it easy for a chat owner to choose a theme (skin) and change it to his liking. These themes can be changed on the spot, so even during a conversation, the design can be changed.

Theme Library


Customizing Chat

Every chat can be designed and changed using the “Advanced design” option. Users can go and control any aspect of the chat, load images as background, logos, change borders, color, fonts, dimensions…etc.

For example, if one wish to change only the user list of the chat (on the left) he than go to the advance design -> Users List Tab -> and change the background color to his own liking.


The chat will look like the image below once saved.
Note, changes to the design can be made at any given moment, even if 10000 people are currently talking in the chat room. The changes will be seen only after a reloading the page where the chat is located.


Experts CSS design

For those who have advance CSS knowledge, we have created a CSS tab in the “Advance design” page were any css expert can change EVERYTHING, any design, from backgrounds, fonts, padding..and much more. We even created a list of CSS tricks that we collected for users.

You may see here the tab in the Advanced-design that allows you to add your own css code. In this example we changed the default user icon in case one is logged in as a guest.

See the result of the css change in the below image.



This are the 3 option for design. But still one question customers kept on asking

How do I change the background  image of the chat ?

Let me explain first, one of the features in the designed area was changing background.
A person could made an awesome chat by using any image (url) to change the look and feel.
But pepole wanted to upload their own chat room image. Something they pictures or a photo they took. Some had no option to upload the image to the cloud.

Once we understood it, we released an option to upload your own image to our cloud.
This means that people could change and custom their chat even more using their own uploaded images.

The upload option is used by clicking on the green button and choosing the image from your own computer. It can be found in two placed, in the advance design and in the floating image tab in the setting area.


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Round Up of Hot New RumbleTalk Chat Features

Like Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times movie, there’s never a dull moment at the RumbleTalk Labs. Our developers are always busy creating new features to bring DIY settings and make RumbleTalk perform faster, our designers are constantly trying out various group chat layouts that make new chat rooms look fabulous; and the testing squads are hard at work to make sure that everything works according to plan!

In this post, we’d like to introduce you to a list of newly-released RumbleTalk features that we are especially proud of. These new additions will improve your own group chat settings experience, and provide you with a stronger and more striking end-product.
Get ready to boost your RumbleTalk Group chat in 3,2,1…

RumbleTalk Group Chat Factory

3 New RumbleTalk Features to Power Up your Group Chat

Admin Only Roles: Better Control Multimedia Privileges 

Yes, Multimedia for “admin only” feature is powerful tool. It lets you control the way your users will be able to use the advance multimedia features. Settings are easy and can be changed at any given moment. Now you can enable this options for administrators only. This options include.

Paper clip option – Upload
Allow chatters to upload files (images, photos, videos, etc.) to the chat-room

Video chat
Allow video chats between chatters

Audio chat
Allow audio chats between chatters

Group Chat Admin Only Feature

Advance Design: Upload Your Own Images

A newly advanced design option that allows you to upload images for every section of the advanced design tabs. Now next to each image field like background, there is a small green plus icon that clicking on it will allow you to add images from your own pc.

New Skins: 6 new Beautiful chat skins

A newly-designed set of skins added to theme gallery is now available. You may choose between a new designed skins or create one yourself. With this skin, you can add a your own tweaks using css. Changes will appear instantly in the chat preview page.

Group chat skins - RumbleTalk

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400,000 Chat Rooms – RumbleTalk Announces Sign-up Milestone

RumbleTalk is celebrating the creation of 400,000 chat rooms for web sites!

Group Chat Celebration

RumbleTalk a group chat service is celebrating an important occasion — we’re pleased to announce that we have officially passed the four hundred thousands chat rooms creation mark.

We want to thank all 400,000 of you who signed up for our group chat service. It’s true, we enjoy getting your comments, gathering your feedback, seeing your tweets and even receiving the postcards and treats you’ve sent us.

Where we are?

The RumbleTalk service has moved forward in the past year and we added many features and designs to our offering.

Here is a partial list that was added this year:

  • Live WebRTC video and audio option between chatters.
  • New Chat Room theme that is by far the most chosen chat theme.
  • New Mobile version with all features that the web version include.
  • Upload files and documents.
  • And much much more.

A 400,000 Thanks

Thank you for your continued support of RumbleTalk. We’re happy you’re with us, and we’ll continue to work to make your experience even better. There’s lots on the road-map ahead, so continue to send us your feedback, comments and tweets.

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New mobile version with Camera and Attach files option

You can now take photos and upload files directly from your mobile.
See some of our latest features.

Private group chat

Upload images and files​!​
Now you can take live photos, upload files and images directly from your mobile device.

Various settings are now integrated into the mobile version.
Changing chat settings (like, enabling videos, hiding the “Invite Friends” button, etc.) will now work in the mobile chat version.
* Tested on mobile chrome and safari.

New private chat look to your mobile​ version
​Like the recent changes we have made the the web version, now the private chat has a better and intuitive UI on mobile devices.

Saving the chat as an App
Saving the chat to the mobile home screen (e.g in chrome, clicking “settings” -> “Add to homescreen”) will create a chat-app on your mobile device.

Sending an image or video link will now display a live video or image instead of a link!

Block private messages
You can now block private messages from a user using the new Block button in the private chat window.

* Available in advance version of iOS and Android.

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Now with a new Private Chat UI

We just released a new set of features for private chat.
See here what kind of new features we added.

New private chat look​!​
We spent a lot of time to talk to users and understand their pain with respect to private chat design. We are happy to introduce our new ​better and intuitive UI for private chat.

Now messages will be framed as chat bubbles.
Each message will be framed as a single message.
In addition, the user icons will be shown on the right and left sides corresponding to the sender and receiver.
Private chat new UI

Ne​w ​private message indicator!
Now, this was long requested by chatters. When you’re on a private conversation with a user, and receiving a message from a different user, a red indicator will be shown on the [different] user image that sent the message.

New chat indicators for messages.

Private Chat Storage!
This is technical, but it is important to many users. Till now when you refreshed the page the private conversation was cleaned. Now private chat history will be saved locally on your computer until you close the browser (refreshing or closing the chat tab won’t delete the history).

Note, we do not store the private conversation and also administrator of the chat cannot see private conversations. Private discussion is kept private.

Private Message – Block option
You can now block specific users from sending you private messages.
Use the block button on the top of the private chat to stop seeing private messages from a certain user.

Private message Live Media
Your private messages will now show links, images, youtube videos, etc.
Till now those were not shown in the private chat.

* The private messages settings for allowing images, sounds..etc are based on your general settings.

Red admin user
Now all admin users color [username] will be red by default.
This can be changed using simple CSS rules.

General Change
We made some admin panel updates.
CSS editing can now be made along side visual editing.
The “Invite Friends” button can be easily hidden in the chat settings.

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What data is saved on RumbleTalk service

Over 2 million chatters generate a lot of data.  The question asked by many of our customers is: what data is being saved in RumbleTalk.

Secure chat - save history or not.

When this question is asked in context of security, it means that customers wish to understand what actually we do with the data. and some ask because customers wish to export their data into to html and publish it in their website (for SEO reasons or simply to allow their users to follow an important conversation even when it was ended) .

With RumbleTalk chat room, we have 3 main components
1 – Group Chat
2 – Private chat
3 – Settings and design

 Group Chat

The group discussion is where people conduct their discussions.
With respect to saving history, there are 2 main options.

  • Default: Set the chat to store archive, than all chat room conversation is being saved. The conversation history that we save consist of several type of information:
  1. User name
  2. The message typed
  3. The users icon
  4. What type of login (Facebook, twitter, RumbleTalk or guest)
  5. User Role : admin, group admin or a user.

We do not save:

  1. Email Address
  2. IP address
  • Do not save archive: when no archive setting is set, the chat will not store the history of the conversation. However, a temporary save of the the last 20 messages are done (in the chat buffer). Once all chatroom users are logedout, the chat room will be empty.

 Private Chat

Privte chats are one on one chat rooms. We strongly believe this type of chat should be kept private. We are not saving any of the data during a private chat.
So no text save, no video or audio data saving .

Video and audio security

Note, we do save a small piece of data in the browser, but it is not accessible to others only to this browser session.

 Chat Settings and Design

When you change the settings of the chat room in the admin panel we save the latest changes. This are only available to you as a customer. Note, we do not hold revisions of the settings, so we cannot rolled back settings that were changed and than saved.

If you created a special design for your chat using CSS, you can copy and paste the design and save it on your own computer.

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