Best Benefits of Using a Group Chat for Stocks Traders

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The Internet Trading Revolution

We see how Internet has changed so many aspects of our life. Even now, with the advent of Internet of Things, we will see more of Internet pervasively enter our life. Stocks trading and financial market is also affected by the huge wave of Internet. As we have discussed in the previous articles that Internet has given birth to social trading, where people can follow the top trader with a series of pre-programmed trading instruction or known as algorithmic trading, or with copy trading and mirror trading. We also have discussed how day trading activities become a daily routine and full time job for some people, where they make a living by trading in the financial market.

stocks trading chat room for your website
Get your own Chat for Stocks Traders

There are so many opportunities and challenges the Internet has offered. All of those phenomenon from algo trading, copy trading, social trading, day trading can be summarized into one term: online stock trading. Previously, stocks trading was only limited by the stock brokers and stock traders who traded in the Stock Exchange. Online stock traders was not something that stock brokers knew before the end of the 20th century. It was until the late 1990’s, online stock trading started to offer services to retail customers with their online trading service. Nowadays, online stock trader and their trading activities has become a normal activities in the stock market.

The History of Group Chat for Stocks Traders

With the socialization of stock market and other financial markets, where ordinary people can trade stock online, there are two different perspective. People can see it as either be a negative of positive. It all depends on the perspective of how we see this phenomenon. People who sees online stock trader and ease of access to stock trading will relate to the online stock trading with the story of Joseph Kennedy and Black Tuesday, the stock market crash in October 1929. The worst event in the history of US stock market that made $ 5 billion of market capitalization was lost from New York Stock Exchange in just three days.

Joseph Kennedy survived the market crash because he listened to some shoeshine boys prediction and common people about the potential collapse. He withdrew the stock just a few days before the stock market really crashed, and he managed to save his million dollars profit. Kennedy, whose son became the 35th president of USA, followed the advice of a the shoe shine boys, which was proven true. Based on that testimony, some people see a negative perspective for common people to have access to stock market.

Stocks Trading are for All

While others sees the online stock trading as the opportunity for common people to have access to financial market as well as wealth distribution. The wealth generated by big corporations and enterprises can now be accessed by common people with online trading. A housewife can have a blue chip stock because of the availability of online stock trading.

Both perspective needs a balancing tools to balance the views and create a healthy market. People who have negative perspective of online stock trader need to educate people of stock trading wisely, thus reducing the possibility of loss and market crash. While the positive perspective will have to double check their optimism, because not all people accessing the online stock trading has the good intentions. They have to keep reminding people that although stock market is a promising venture, but it has some potential downsides. Therefore it is essential to remind people to be cautious in online stock trading.

Group Chat for Stocks Traders provides this balancing tools. Whether to educate people of how to invest and become online stock traders, or to remind potential downside, Group Chat for stocks traders is the right tool, because we understand that every parties related to stock market, whether brokers, trading companies to stock exchange authorities, all have the needs to spread information about the right and safest way to invest in online stock trading. Traders Group Chat room provides just exactly what is needed to educate the people and market.

RumbleTalk is a solid web chat platform built using HTML5 latest technology, it has everything online stock trading needs for chat and communication channel. With our superior technology, you can utilize multiple communication method such as:

  • Upload Charts and Images
  • Upload Files like pdf files, docs, excel and Other files
  • Send short Audio message to the group
  • Sending YouTube and Vimeo video to the chat room
chat for stocks traders features - upload files to the
Upload Charts, Diagrams and Share files with the group

When you conducting a chat with online traders (group chat) visiting your website, it is necessary to be able to attach images, pictures and even charts to the chat room, so you can explain the point more precisely. You are also able to attach documents, excel files, presentations and pdfs directly to the chat room.

RumbleTalk still has more features, to prove that it is entitled to be named the best chat for stocks traders. One of which is the ability to attach the audio message and video in the chat room.

When you have a youtube or vimeo video you want to in the show to the chat room, you can easily do that, just copy and paste the video url and it will show immediately. This is important especially to explain a complex concept such as trading wisely and smart in online stock trading. A video will ease the explanation and understanding of concepts. Then you can have a Q&A session after the video is played to increase understanding and comprehension.

We have explained top of the line features of web chat that RumbleTalk provides. As you can see, communicating and training your traders and people who wants to start online stock trading is very easy with RumbleTalk. You can even create your own podcast with RumbleTalk.

>> Get your own Chat for Stocks Traders 

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A Day Trader Chat Room Advantage

day traders chat puzzle

In the financial market, there are different types of trading method and strategy. One of which is called active trading, they are investors and traders who normally buy and sell the same stock in the short term period. Active trading uses a careful watch of the stock movement and wait for the right moment to execute the planned strategy. The strategy is employed by investors and traders to optimize the profit in a short period of time, rather than buy and hold strategy: holding a stock for a long period of time. Active trading holds a stock in a short period, sometimes in within minutes, then analyze the market. Based on the careful analysis, an action is taken to either sell or buy at the right time to gain maximum profit.

Active trading strategy has several style, and the most well-known and employed by most active traders is day trading. The name day trading suggest that day trader is a trader who open and close the trade within the same day. One key distinctive character of day trader is to never hold a position overnight. Day trader sells all their stock in possession before the market ends, in order to avoid down market gap, a situation where a stock is opened at lower point than its yesterday closing point.

The risk of day trading is high, but so is the reward. What is the most needed resources for day trading?

Information Sharing Using A Group Chat

A day trader must rely on the information and act upon the current information of the stock movement. Day trader activities apply analysis on both technical and fundamental data as their main weapon. A communication between traders and related parties is also required to enhance the analysis, because sharing data between traders in a group or a team will benefit the whole activities.

Rumble Talk provides day trader chat room advantage. With top-notch security and ease of setting, day trader will always be able to share and obtain latest information among their team or trading group. It is common in a trading group for having multiple talents and skills. Some are savvy in technical analysis,  some are good with fundamental analysis and some are excellent in predicting the trend based on both analysis. It is a very good thing for those talents to be able to communicate each other, especially when the team members are located in several locations.

As an innovative platform for web chat, Rumble Talk give day trader chat room advantage. Rumble Talk allow you to add group chat to your team website or even your Facebook page.  It is very easy to have chat room in your team website, because you can embed the code in your website and voila! You now have a chat room.
Rumble Talk understands that most of day traders are doing day trading activities as a full time job. Day traders spend all day in the computer buying and selling stocks, and sometimes diversifies into other market, such as currency, stock options, and futures. Therefore a excellent analysis is required for day trading to make precise decision. Day traders should never make emotional decision, therefore sharing information and data with trusted fellow traders is critical. Rumble Talk provide day trader chat room advantage for that information sharing among your trusted circle.

The actual Group Chat

Rumble Talk chat room has a very easy access. You can access your chat room from any device, whether a laptop, desktop  computer, tablet computer and even smartphone.  You will always be able to chat with your trading circle anywhere, anytime. Even though you are in the coffee shop having some coffee, you always receive the latest and updated information among your fellow traders through your smart phone or your tablet.


day trade chat with attach stock chart example
Add charts, images and videos to your Day Trader Chat

Register now to have your own stylish web chat for your trading team. After your registration, we will provide you the code which you can copy and paste to your web site, or even to your Facebook page. You can now have your chat room anywhere you want it. There is also so many themes for your chat room to make your chat room stand out.

Private chat between chatters

Rumble Talk even provide you the private chat room within your chat room. This is useful when you want to have a private consultation or private conversation between you and fellow traders, or between trader and investor. This is another day trader chat room advantage provided by Rumble Talk.

private chat example with live call options
Private one on one Day Trader Chat


Do you notice the Audio Call button on the top right hand side of the private chat?
You can click on the button to have a audio conversation, just like you are using Skype.

You can also have Video Call with someone in the chat room. Next to the Audio Call button, you will see a Video call button.

Audio and video call buttons for day traders
Call other Chatters

Just click on a button and you will be able to have a video conversation. As for now, these features are available only on Firefox and Chrome browser.

Now, we have seen how Rumble Talk platform is able to give day trader chat room advantage, where sharing information and data between colleague and team is very easy. You can even have a private conversation in the chat room and even audio and video call. It is so simple and convenient. All these are benefits for day traders to be more prepare, better equipped and  fully armed for every trading day.

>> Get your own Day Trader Chat

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New Feature: Left Floating Group Chat

Floating Group Chat

We are happy to announce a new feature that lets users add their floating group chat on the left, in appose for being on the right. Till now the only option was to place the chat on the right. This was an issue for some customer and was communicated to us several times in the past months. The complain was: Adding a group chat on the right have some effect on the website design. For example, their right part was already occupied by other widgets or that a floating chat on their right is ruining their design.

The new feature is simply allowing the change of the chat size with a click on a radio button.

Floating Group Chat on the Left
Floating Group Chat on the Left

Changing the Floating Group Chat Side

In order to change your floating group chat to the left, you can now choose a side on the
Settings -> Floating tab.

The floating chat have additional features that one can enjoy.

– Set the height,width of the floating chat.
– Set the number of times the image will bounce up and down.
– Set a new image instead of the default, to show on the right bottom corner.

If you wish to understand the difference between a floating chat and an embed chat version.
Please look at this previous post.

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Why Social Stock Trading Companies Need a Group Chat?

Best Social Trading chat

We now have witnessed how Internet technology has changed our daily life and the way we do things. Nowadays, There is none single aspect of our life that is not affected by the presence of Internet, including financial market with its electronic trading. Financial market make use of Internet in almost of their trade, from stock market, commodities,  future market. Trading activities in the financial world have undergone a revolution along with Internet. The revolution that gave birth to a new form trading called social stock trading.

Social Stock Trading Chat

Since Web 2.0 technology was introduced, so many of our social live face a new era. One of which is social trading and social stock trading as well. Web 2.0 is an Internet technology that enable people to contribute, generate and manage their own contents for sharing information, idea and knowledge across the Internet. Financial market is one sector that utilize this technology heavily, especially in its electronic trading activities using Internet as its vehicle. Investors, brokers and traders can now communicate and exchange information using Internet. This trading is called social trading because with the Internet, all traders around the world are able to link and connect each other, thus enable sharing and exchanging trading strategy and even copying trading position.

Social Trading Group Chat for Companies
Social Trading Group Chat

Social stock trading has several methods, some are using automated trading with a series of pre-programmed trading instructions, known as algo trading or algorithmic trading. Some employ copy trading method, in which the trader copies the position from well-known investors or top traders. Each time the top traders take a position, the trader copy his position. Another method is called mirror trading, the enhancement of algo-trading, where the traders select a strategy based on their trading preferences, and the trading platform executed that strategy.

The most important thing for traders in social trading is information. Without it, traders in social stock trading can never make right decision. It does not matter whether the trading method used is algo trading, or copy trading or mirror trading. All of them need information in order to make the best decision. All renowned social trading platforms, such as elToro, ZuluTrade, TrakInvest, and many others provide a trading mechanism for traders to copy top traders movement. They also provides algorithm which we can use to automate our trading.

The Social Chat Room Technology

Technology itself without human intervention is useless. That is why in the world of social stocks trading, traders’ experience is much more valuable than all automated and trading algorithms. Experience will put a trader ahead and predict the unexpected situation which is not available in technical analysis. Furthermore, when a trader starts to assemble a team or trading group, he needs a communication tools to share his trading system to all team members. Combination of trading experience and automated trading will generate the most powerful social stock trading strategy and execution.

Beside, when a trading group or team using algorithmic trading or copy trading or even mirror trading, they surely need a reliable communication tools to exchange information. It is because all traders need to know which trader has the best track record to follow and which algorithm needs to be adjusted.  RumbleTalk provides communication channel that suits every trader’s need to share information, they are:

  • Live conversation
    Easy conversation just like Skype. You can even have a closed group chat between your own trading group and invite other experience trader to share their knowledge.
  • Live video chat
    One exciting features of RumbleTalk that can enrich the explanation and knowledge sharing is through a video chat.
  • Live trading chart
    Shares movement of the trading chart on the go.

Now we have understood the importance of communication channel for social stock trading, provided by RumbleTalk, now let us talk about how to use RumbleTalk for our trading group and team.

How Do I Begin with RumbleTalk

RumbleTalk have designed the easiest way to create a group chat, whether you have your own website or not, you just need a browser to chat with your trading group. If you have your own website, we provide you the code which you can put in your website to create a group chat in your website instantly.

In order to enable group chat, you can easily do it just like 1-2-3 in RumbleTalk. You just create an account, setting your chat group and start your group chat. That is so simple.

1. Create an Account

First of all is you need to join RumbleTalk. You can go to http://rumbletalkcom and signing up. You can create an account in RumbleTalk, or using your Facebook account.

Signup to get your own group chat
Sign UP

2. Setting your Chat and Group

The next step is setting up your chat group. When you have signing in, you can have the option to create a chat room in your website, or chat in RumbleTalk. We have created an easy way to setting a chat room in your own website, by providing a group chat code to copy to your website. Then, you can have your chatroom easily available. The code can be accessed in the Dashboard.

Your own code
Chat Room code

You can also have the option to make your chat room secured.

Then always setting up the Login details for users. There are two setting you need to adjust to secure your chatroom. First is to secure our chat by disallowing viewers access, disabling auto invite and disabling Invite Friends button. Second one is to disallow guest login. Take a look at the settings below:

Your own group chat settings
Login Type Settings

Note, for advance login type, you can use your own users base.

3. Start you Group Chat

After you have setup your group setting, you can start a group chat with your audience, invite your team and conduct a live social group discussion.



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Group Chat for Online Stock Traders

RumbleTalk Group Chat Service For Traders

Group Chat for Online Stock Traders

Now is the future. Technology gives us the ability to go to places without actually leaving our home. In connection, technology gives us the opportunity to act solely on the web. Traders do business and send money transactions without leaving their homes or offices. Just by having an online connection, traders can make a leaving and do business.

But how Stock Traders (as well as options traders, future traders…etc) can make it easier for them to do business online? Especially today were most of the transaction in the stock market are being done by machines and algo trading companies (Algorithm trade).

Stocks Trading Group Chat

When you have this kind of challenges, like coping with the “Machines” (the Algo trading formulas trading in a fast auto mode), Being able to socially trade with other traders would help. Instead of just emailing to your group, you can take the power of an online group and share your idea’s, advice, charts in a private group chat.


Creating a group chat for stock trading

First, create account at RumbleTalk home page.

Second, get one line of code and copy&paste it to your website. You should immediately the chat room in your website.

Step 3 add charts to stock trading chat

Third, Set your group chat performances.

You can set your chat in 3 ways.

  1. Open chat – allow login with Guest, Facebook and Twitter credentials.
  2. Registered users only – allow only users that were defined in the “Manage Users” tab. When you want to add a new user, you simple add him to the list of Managed users, set for him his password and that is it.
  3. Customer Users Base – (Advanced option) If you have your own users base, you may choose the “Automatic login” option. This will let your users enter the chat without logging in directly. They will be automatically loggedin with their Users base credentials.

Login Type Settings


What Social Stock Trading means?

Social trading, means literally, trading together. The group chat service will make it easier for your group to talk to each other while trading. It is the private group chat widget for traders online.
One can create a private group chat for traders where only those that are part of the group could login and see the information shared by the group. In addition chatters that gained access (see above the 3 options) will be able to share files, charts, YouTube videos… and……..traders can have live video/audio calls with each other.

Private One on One Calls

Private chat , Private Calls – One of the powerful options for traders that engage in social trading is the fact that they can privately talk to someone participating in the conversation. For instance, a trader wish to ask a personal question to other trader that involve maybe pricing, losses..etc.

In addition, The traders can take a fellow trader to a private room or send a message just by clicking on the name of the customer. For group of traders, they have the option to create a group wherein only chosen people can talk. This type of group chat for online stock traders helps in keeping the privacy of its users.

Sending Charts, Pdf’s and much more

The chat widget can also be a web chat trading platform wherein traders also have the power to send chart images to each other. This feature the chat widget for stock traders, can make it easier for traders to have discussions about certain products or services. This will make transactions between companies and clients much easier and faster. An example for this is attaching a PDF to the general conversation. With this, the participants in the group chat can have a better position in having a good and successful trade.

Creating your own chat Theme + Selfie

We included 2 general features to make social trading fun. So on top of nice set of emoticons. We also included.

  1. Skin-able Group Chat Room – One can change his chat look and feel on the fly. Changing skins can be done easily by going to the skin library and choosing a new skin. Every skin can be even more customizable using the advance design feature. So for example. one can change his chat look and feel by simply replacing the background.
  2. Selfie – You can use your PC camera or take a mobile selfie and share it with the group. This is a nice feature that many use, but some administrators, choose to remove this option using the multimedia settings.

To Sum it up. The platform, RumbleTalk, a group chat for online stock traders , option traders, future traders, bitcoin traders and pretty much any online traders community. Is one of the most advanced services for group chats.

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New Feature: Export Chat Transcript to Html

Export File Feature - Chat History

Many of our customers ask us frequently to allow them to export chat transcript directly from the chat interface. They need it for two reason.

  • SEO – Many customers wish to add the conversation transcript to their website. The transcript (chat history) consist of highly targeted keywords that are perfect for SEO. This is one of the easiest way to create a great highly targeted content for a website.
  • Spreading The Word – Many websites communities that are running a periodic live discussions are often send the entire conversation transcript to all members in their community. In that way people that were not able to participate in the conversation, can catch up and keep being updated about the conversations topics.

Export Chat Transcript

We are happy to share with you a new feature: Export chat with a click).
You may find a new button on the button left. Clicking on it will export the chat history into html file.

Export chat history (transcript)

The export function will be getting all the content that is already exist in the chat screen and export it to html. This means that when you enter a chat room you a portion of the last typed messages. The export function will only export this lines. If you wish to export older messages from the chat room, you will need to scroll up in the chat area to load older messages.

The Exported File is in HTML format but it include text only. Meaning when an image or video are placed in the chat they will immediately show. However in the export chat transcript file, only url will be shown.

Hiding the Chat Export Button

If one wish to hide this button for any reason. It can be done using a one line of css in the Advanced Design menu.  Simply go to your chat settings and into the advanced design menu and click on the css tabs. Copy this line and save.

#options #export { display: none !important; }
For your information, we replaced an old chat Icon (trash)  with the new export icon. The old icon was used to clear the screen temporarily. This was effective when chatters wanted to clear their screen from too many text and messages. To make it clear, the purpose of this trash icon was only for making it easy to read and particularly it deleted nothing from the actual chat.

See here a css code that will add the trash icon in case someone wants to use it.

#options #clear { display: inline-block !important; }

Additional Archive Features

The option to export chat transcript is not limited to the chat interface. One may export based on your criteria using the admin panel –> archive export feature.

See elaboration on the export chat transcript options in here.

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