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Now with a new Private Chat UI

We just released a new set of features for private chat. See here what kind of new features we added. New private chat look​!​ We spent a lot of time to talk to users and understand their pain with respect … Continue reading

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What data is saved on RumbleTalk service

Over 2 million chatters generate a lot of data.  The question asked by many of our customers is: what data is being saved in RumbleTalk. When this question is asked in context of security, it means that customers wish to … Continue reading

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4 steps to Increase Event engagement by 40% (and revenues)

Events are part of our life. We register to an event upfront, than we reserve the time in our calender. Eventually we go and spend the time in the actual event. As an online event organizer, you are spending a … Continue reading

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RumbleTalk Chat – Bring your team to life

RumbleTalk team chat is actually built for business. We provide a group  chat with ability to talk in private with each one of the group (can be switched off if needed) Like most team chat services, we provide : Group … Continue reading

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News: We just released a new chat skin

We have worked hard to add a new special theme to RumbleTalk theme library. I am glad to share with you that we released it today after 2 moths of beta. The beauty of the new skin is that with … Continue reading

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Team collaboration with real time chat room

Many of us are working together in teams. Working in teams is no longer a location based. In the past decade we see more teams created virtually. We even see companies (start-ups) with $50,000,000 in revenues that the entire team (employees) … Continue reading

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