Veeam Case Study: Live Event with 4500 chatters in one Chat Room

RumbleTalk is proud to have been a part of a great live online event hosted by Veeam®. Veeam embedded RumbleTalk’s group chat room alongside a live broadcast to engage 4,500 unique, concurrent viewers in real time as they launched a new product.

RumbleTalk chat platform withstood the workload because of a server dedicated to the event. Veeam also acknowledged that RumbleTalk provided great post-event service when various statistics on viewers/chatters were requested.


live event group chat

More About Veeam

Veeam recognizes the new challenges companies across the globe face in enabling the Always-On Enterprise™ a business that must operate 24.7.365. To address this, Veeam has pioneered a new market of Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™ by helping organizations meet recovery time and point objectives (RTPO™) of < 15 minutes for all applications and data, through a fundamentally new kind of solution that delivers high-speed recovery, data loss avoidance, verified recoverability, leveraged data and complete visibility.

Veeam’s global headquarters are located in Baar, Switzerland, and the company has offices throughout the world. To learn more click here.

Fun fact: The name “Veeam” comes from the phonetic pronunciation of the letters of the acronym for virtual machine, “VM.”

Do you need a live chat room solution?

RumbleTalk is a highly customizable HTML5 group chat service that is able to handle audiences of all sizes.

Contact us  to begin planning your next online live event.

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Live Event Chat and Streaming

Companies today rely more and more on the Internet for their communication. And at the same time, the channels for communicating online are constantly changing. Live event chat and live event stream are the newest additions to the mix. This means that an event, regardless of its size, can be streamed online, and therefore reach a much bigger audience.

Now companies can share their content and events with the entire world, rather than just physical attendees. In the past, the number of attendees would be limited by a variety of things, such as venue size, attendee availability, and timing. Plus, the sheer effort of organizing a meeting or event at a time or date that “works for everybody” is a challenge in and of itself. The bigger the event, the bigger the issues with finding a good time for everyone—it’s all but impossible.

But when companies use live event chat or streams, they can all but eliminate those drawbacks. For example, now you can hold a seminar, or webinar in any one place and stream it to the entire world. This crosses all boundaries, be it continents, time zones, and more.

Live Event Chat Boosts Revenue

As an added perk, this type of service allows companies to increase their revenue, potentially significantly. In a “normal” event, you charge attendees for their seats. Now, it’s also possible to charge for virtual “seats” at virtual events. Usually, companies will charge less for that than the physical seats, however, it’s entirely up to you.

event chat example

All you need to do is to find a reliable and well-functioning service provider to host the live event chat with. One such provider is RumbleTalk. RumbleTalk has an easy-to-use, straightforward service that allows companies to not only set up video streams with invited attendees, but also, a chat room alongside the streams in order to encourage participation and interaction with the hosts.

But that’s not all. Above and beyond these communication services, RumbleTalk provides powerful moderation tools for users. Most importantly, it allows chat hosts to ban trolls and control spammers very effectively. And if people try to interrupt or disturb the flow of things, not a problem—RumbleTalk allows the hosts to deal with troublemakers very effectively.

The Setup

The platform is set up in such a way that it shows the streamed content and a short description or text on one side, and the chat window on the other. There’s also a small statistics bar that always shows how many people are talking or viewing the content at any given time. All users have a profile, allowing them to set a username and a profile picture. This is very useful to the hosting company as well, as it makes it easier to keep an eye on attendance.

In a standard event, often people will talk at the same time, questions may get lost or overlooked, and confusion can ensue. But in RumbleTalk, since the interface uses a chat log, this means that during a live event stream participants can ask questions without any disruption. Then questions can be answered or brought up for discussion at a convenient time later without being lost.

This easy and straightforward chat system means that all the hosts need to do is focus on presenting. In addition to a back and forth question system, the chat also allows viewers to talk to each other. For example, participants can discuss the content they’re viewing without interrupting or bothering other viewers. If the chat window becomes distracting, the video can be “full-screened,” and distractions completely eliminated.

Access It Anywhere and Everywhere

Have you ever wanted to go to a seminar but scheduling conflicts prevented you from attending? Or perhaps you’ve just been unable to make the several hours necessary for it? Well, with streamed events you no longer have to worry. Not only will there usually be an option to see the streamed content after the fact, but it also allows you to watch it on the go! With a pair of headphones and your tablet or phone, simply tune in while traveling. You can also watch it on the train or bus, making the most of your time and learn from the streamed content.

event presentor plus chat


For companies, this means that their content after the fact. Viewers can revisit and re-watch whenever they want. Moreover, companies can easily reuse a well-done webinar and show it for months after the fact. Save the repeated expenses of holding the same event more than once!

This is particularly popular with training videos, induction seminars, and similar events. Anything you can think of can be streamed, talked about in a live chat, and revisited later.

Live event chats, live event streams, and events hosted on the web are the future. Don’t miss out on this innovation and use it for your business too!

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SolarWinds Case Study – 7000 Chatters in 20 Chat Rooms

We had the pleasure of working with SolarWinds on their fifth annual THWACKcamp event, which featured 7000 chatters in 20 rooms.

SolarWinds senior product manager, Rachel Morrill, shared with us some valuable information about THWACKcamp. Thank you, Rachel!

Could you describe what THWACKcamp is all about?

THWACKcamp is SolarWinds’ free, annual, virtual IT event that provides IT pros around the world with intermediate to advanced educational content.

It also allows like-minded IT pros, SolarWinds technical staff, and industry experts a chance to interact with each other on topics around monitoring, reporting, troubleshooting, and performance management.

How was the event handled?

The event was hosted on SolarWinds online community THWACK, which has over 130,000 members. We started each day of the event with an open keynote session and live chat where visitors could see the active conversation and ask questions.

Following the keynote, registrants were given the option to access the rest of the day’s information via a how-to track or a thought leadership, IT industry track.

The tracks, each featuring its own live stream and respective chat, ran simultaneously. As each session was wrapping up, we provided a pop-up notification, which prompted participants to choose their next session and track.

This notification also allowed us to shut down the chat, move the user to the next session, and open the next chat rooms.


Solarwinds case studay chat

How would you describe the SolarWinds experience?

The transition from session to session and moving between tracks was incredibly smooth. By utilizing the RumbleTalk API into our platform, it was possible for us to easily turn the chats on and off to avoid lingering conversations.

Our users never experienced any hiccups or latency in their messages getting delivered, which was something we faced with our previous solution. And they had the ability to “pin” the conversation at a certain point, so they could spend time scrolling through the messages at their pace, which they raved about during the event.

This ability also came in really handy for our moderators, because when you have over 1,000 people simultaneously chatting, it is critical to be able to see the question. After the event, we received so many emails from attendees giving us rave reviews about the quality of our videos and the smoothness with which our chat functioned. It was a great improvement to past solutions.

After the event, we received so many emails from attendees giving us rave reviews about the quality of our videos and the smoothness with which our chat functioned. It was a great improvement to past solutions.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

The customer service and the responsiveness we received from RumbleTalk was incredibly reassuring after having experienced some performance issues with last year’s vendor.

When we identified an issue, Eyal and Nim were incredibly quick to resolve it, or work with us on a temporary workaround while they added our feedback or issue to their roadmap.

On the day of the event, Eyal contacted me, just to make sure we felt comfortable with everything and to let me know that they were there if anything should happen.

As the product manager who recommended and implemented the chat client, words cannot express the sense of relief I felt knowing RumbleTalk had my back every step of the way.


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