Html Chat Service Over a Chat Software

html chat software in the cloud - A Chat Service

Nowadays, we have been so accustomed with chat software and utilizing its function to communicate with others. With so many options to fulfill our needs for online conversation, we somehow take this technology for granted. However, let us take a brake for a minute and reflect on the technology that has been our friends for more than 30 years. How it evolved across time and how we have a better option with chat service instead of software now.

The Predecessor of Chat Software

Early in the birth of communication technology that now become Internet, there is a program worthy to mention as ancestor of chat software. The program was a UNIX program called talk. Talk was a text chat program and it is outdated compared to other chat rooms today. However, Apple OSX Darwin, which based on BSD-Unix still used this talk program, also other UNIX variants like Linux and FreeBSD. As a very basic chat program, talk only allow users in UNIX and UNIX-variant system to chat with another user with one-on-one chat.

The more advanced chat program was built for educational purpose. Talkomatic, from University of Illinois computer assisted learning system in 1973, was the first program built as chat room. Although it has only limited capability to have maximum five users in chat room, this program sets a breakthrough for chat technology. It provided replica of what a chat software should have in terms of features and functions like a group chat, chatroom and message broadcast.

The Next Generation of Chat Software

Internet Relay Chat or IRC in 1988 was developed to supersede talk program in UNIX. Since its inception, IRC was developed as an application protocol in TCP/IP suite to provide a universal protocol for text communication Its role as protocol allowed programmers to write a chat client software to run on top it. Some of the well-known IRC client software were mIRC, ChatZilla and IceChat.

One of achievement with IRC protocol is its advanced capability to handle group conversations and forum as channel.  IRC had more advanced way that University of Illinois’ Talkomatic in that matter. For that reason, IRC became common method of online conversation before instant messaging chat room came.

Arrival of Instant Messaging System

Instant messaging system is another chat software arrived later with more advanced technology than IRC. ICQ was the first instant messenger available in 1996. Its approach in providing unique user ID for each user has become the model for today’s chat platform and social media application.

Following the footstep of ICQ, American Online created its own chat program and decided to by ICQ and perfecting its instant messenger with ICQ technology. From then on, numerous instant messaging chat software came from many companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Blackberry, Yahoo, eBuddy and many others. We are now able to have audio, video and multi media conversation in chat technology. However, it makes chat program become bigger, and consumes much higher resources than a simple text chat program….
Apart from that, we need a multimedia chat. How can we find a better one?

Replacing Chat Software with Chat Service

After a long of online chat program, we are now reaching the ceiling of chat software. All installed chat program has to be constantly updated whenever there is a new patch or new version. This spend a lot of time to update our chat programs.  Sometimes when we are about to have an important conversation, html chat software prompt an update message, requiring us to update the program. We need a better solution for this exhausting process of continuous updating. Isn’t it time for new technology to come forward supplanting the html chat software?

html chat software in the cloud

The time is right now for a chat service on your web or your mobile device.
Traditional chat program has its own drawback of installation on our computer. It takes up our computing resources: hard drive, memory and processor to allow it to run. A lot of processes are conducted in our computer to run chat program, which most of time stays dormant as a memory resident program. While we need to free up those resources.

mobile html chat view

Html Chat service provides the answer to those hassle and bustle.
We just need a browser and access a website providing the chat service. While all the installation, update and security issues is handled by chat service provider’s company beforehand.

With html chat service, if you have your own website you can have a chat room in your website. Just use a snippet or a piece of code given to  chat service provider in your website, and you can have your own chat room. Chat service provider give you that code once you register in their service. The code act as a client program running on your website. While chat service provider takes care of all the internal process like message synchronization, privacy, security and other.

If you do not have a website, you are still able to have a chat room. You can have it on your facebook fan page, or you can have service provider to host your chatroom. Since you have subscribes for their service, html chat service provider will be responsible for you chatroom security and privacy. That is how simple and easy chat service cater your chat needs.

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Boutique Group Chat for Internet Radio Station

Internet radio chat room

Internet radio is booming!
Since 2008, the number of people listens to Internet radio is growing significantly. A year before, in 2007, traditional AM/FM radio audience was declining, based on Arbitron research company, who becomes Nielsen Audio today. Another research by Triton Digital shows that last year, in 2014, almost half of 124 million people in America listen to Internet radio, to be exact the number is 47%.

With the growing number of audiences, here comes the question, how can we create a better experience for our audiences?
Based on the data from two most respective research companies: Triton and Nielsen Audio, we really have to consider Internet radio station as a serious digital media to convey message.  The power of Internet radio is in its casual listening experience, that enable people listen to online radio while they doing other activities. We have discussed how radio chat room is able to create a better experience for radio station. Availability of chat for Internet radio station will create a very interactive way of old-fashioned phone and conversation between radio DJ and audience.

Chat for Internet Radio Station and Its Audience

The staggering number of Internet radio audience is really something to be taken seriously by radio station operated on the Internet. Within 4 years, from 2010 to 2014, the number of online radio audience has increased 20% and most of them are listening the radio in their smart phone or desktop computer/laptop. Surprisingly, majority of Internet radio audiences come from 12-24 years age group, the age group whose preferences can change within second and they can easily switch channel. For this age group, radio station must be able to catch their attention to make them keep listening to the station without switching channel.

It is important for radio station to engage audiences more actively, one of which is to invite them in giving their feedback or create an online conversation. We have seen in the previous article  of what RumbleTalk chat for internet radio is capable of in energizing live event.  Actually, html chat platform provides the most convenient way for both radio station and audience to communicate and interact.

Stylish look - A Chat for internet radio
Stylish look – A Chat for internet radio

Synced Chat for Internet Radio Station

The number one reason is its easy installation. A chat room should not need a complicated setup in your Internet radio station website. Our infrastructure provide the best of Internet chat platform available today. With an HTML5 technology, we have the most powerful chat technology, you can embed chat in any where you want and it will fit right to the space you allocated.

The most time consuming activity to register to a new service is the registration process. Users will just left the service when they found out the service requires a complicated registration. That will not happen when chat platform has social media integration . Users can login to your chat using their existing Facebook or Twitter account. With more than a billion of users, Facebook is just like an Internet ID for everyone. So, when chat platform is installed in your website or Facebook page, your audiences can join the chat using their Facebook account.
Very simple and easy…

The other important thing is multiplicity.
One distinctive feature of html web chat platform is synced (synchronized) chat room.  Chat for Internet radio can put the same chat room in both web page and Facebook page, and messages posted in different place synced automatically across all chat rooms. This gives wider audience opportunity to chat in a multi channel. With this synced feature, people who go in web page chat room will be able to communicate with those who enter Facebook page chat room, as if they are in the same chat room.

What is Better for Internet Radio Station?

We have to admit there is none better than online dialogue solution for Internet radio station. It is the best way to engage audience in the 12-24 age group than opening multiple channel.  We already know the type of anxiety disorder affecting this age group called FoMO (Fear of Missing Out).

People who struggle with FoMO are wrestling to balance the peer pressure with their self-actualization.  Helping them by giving choice so they can chose something based on their personal preferences is the least radio station can do to help them to chose something on their own, not based on peer-pressure.

With our synced chat, people only see the other people sending chat in the conversation. They will not be able to know whether the other parties are sending message from Facebook page chat or from another website. They can only see that there are other parties participating in the chat room.

This synced chat is also providing great benefit for radio station. They can install the same chat room in multiple places:  Facebook pages, their websites and also their partner website with ease, because knowing all the chat room will be treated as one chat room with html chat platform.

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Creating Interactive Live Event Chat

live event chat room for websites

Live event entertainment has been around in human being daily for centuries. We, human being are enjoying live entertainment from the early days of civilization. Watching a horse race, gladiator fight and other forms of entertainment have been our way to enjoy live since a long time ago.
As civilization grow more advanced, live entertainment become more and more improved. With today’s technology, live event chat can even be possible to create a highly interactive live event.

What is Live Event Chat?

Live event chat is a technology where remote audience and viewers can interact with the event held by the organizer and broadcasted over the television or multimedia channel. Television industry has been the relying on the live event for some time. This is the age of online availability, the era that everything can go online in a matter of second, where information can travel around the world within second.

Live Event Chat Example
Live Event Chat Example

Regardless any type of event; music concert, webinar, talk show, radio streaming, all events can use live event chat room (a group chat) to create more attractive event. In 2014, CNBC predicted the future of music concert with social wearables and interactive live shows. On its July 21st article, the author, Everett Rosenfeld quote the event guru regarding the rise of FoMO trend for live event. FoMO, stands for fear of missing out, is a type of anxiety occur in today’s digital age where people have fear of getting out of touch, or absent from social events or experiences that generally a hype among their community or social circle. Such event can be a TV show, some events, gathering or a restaurant, and now FoMO has spread to live event. FoMO induce some pervasive habit in today’s social life, like constantly checking smartphone or gadgets, or anxiety when they did not receive email or message or chat for a couple of minutes.

How Live Event Chat Helps FoMO Anxiety

Social media, mobile devices and gadgets have pervasively invaded our private life in a way more than we ever foresee or imagine. FoMO is a phenomenon that affects the 18-34 years of age group or known as teen millennials. Young people in those age group are prone to peer-pressure that can lead to low self esteem. It is because young people will look upon other’s approval for their self value, that makes them caught and struggle with FoMO.

People who struggle with FoMO will receive benefits with availability of live event chat. They will be able to participate in live event, as long as the event is equipped with live event chat room. RumbleTalk chat platform provide such ease and simplicity with the needs for live event chat.

We encourage event organizers to enable RumbleTalk platform in all live events they manage to enable interaction from people with the event. It does not matter what type of event, because as long as the events have chat room for people to interact and show their interest, the event will generate more audience and revenue. The availability of live event chat will benefit both the event organizer and the audiences, because event organizer can grasp the idea for the next event, based on audience participation and their idea during live event chat. While for people who struggle with FoMO, there is no reason for them to feel being left out, because they now can interact with event organizer, performers, host and everyone related to the event through live event chat.

Live Event Chat Enhances Interactivity

In the previous article, we know that RumbleTalk be able to help Radio station increasing their audience and interactivity. The same thing goes to live event as well. Every one of us understand how important for a live event to be interactive. Television broadcast and radio show have been opening phone line to enable direct interaction from audience and viewers with the show. Yet, starting a few years ago, some television talk show started to use Skype for video interaction with their home viewer. The conversation is displayed in the inset on the TV screen for home viewer to be able to watch it as well as studio audience. Now, the technology has advanced to be able to provide more level of interaction with live event chat.

It is because talk show, variety show or another interactive TV shows require more than just a great host and television personalities to lead the event. They need fresh approach and variation, so audience wait and expect something different and more enhancing than just watching a host and invited guest talk on the TV screen.

What is The Best Technology for a live Event Chat?

RumbleTalk provide the technology for talk show to have a live event chat for home viewers to contribute, more than just a phone line or video conference. This will certainly boost number of viewers. Moreover, when the live event chat room is displayed in the inset, the home viewers will increase significantly. By nature, human are narcissist. Therefore, enabling the live event chat in the television broadcast and put the conversation on screen, will encourage viewers to participate. It is because they are definitely eager see their name comes in the TV screen.

With advance HTML5 technology, RumbleTalk chat platform is the best solution for all needs of live event chat. People who participate in chat room will be able to attach their picture or video from YouTube or Vimeo easily. Not only that, we have video chat technology that will enable host to invite home viewer to perform a teleconference with ease. Our video chat requires only a browser, thus minimizing the installation of application in the computer. People who is invited to video chat will be able to chat from their smart phone or tablet with ease. They do not need to stand by in front of their computer just to be able to engage in video chat.

That is how easy for live event organizer, TV station and radio station to engage more audience in their live event with RumbleTalk live event chat.
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Essential Chat for Live Event

Online Live Event Chat Room

Can you remember days before Social Media event?
When we wanted to organize a live event, we started building a groundwork to promote event. We printed brochures, placed radio advertising, and even television ad, when cost is within reach. However, today, with the flourish of social media, we can use them to promote our event and manage the events and even monitor them.

Some of the social event managements that are available today, offeres the convenience of creating, promoting and managing any kind of event. Whether it be conference, exhibition, festival, gathering or social events. However, we will see how Rumble Talk fill in the gaps where those social even managements are missing.

Chat for Live Event For a Successful Event

If you are working as event organizer, challenges of managing successful events includes clear communication, excellent organization skills and detail oriented preparation to operation. Clear communication is necessary for attracting and engaging participants to attend the events. While organization skills is needed to ensure teamwork in event organizer to be done smoothly and flawlessly. Detail oriented is required from preparation to operation because event management is a hectic work. All event organizers know that managing events is a daunting task. They are familiar with such hustle and bustle, and understand how to create a successful event. But can we make a successful event via Internet?

Now, it is time we take a closer look to social media as our enabler for successful event management. We need to ask a question, how can social media really help us to create more successful and gather wider audience for our event?

Chat Room for Live Events
Chat Room for Live Events

Even though social media has been doing its best to ease event management, there are more works to be done. It is because social media is only working in the pre-event period. Event management social media can only promote the event, manage the registration monitor the participants and that’s it. When the event is on-the-go, practically those event management is idle.

We can use video or audio streaming to broadcast the event through the Internet, but streaming does not have the capability of chat for live event. Also we can use twitter to report the event, but the audience is unable to respond just-in-time. Therefore, a chat for live event is needed to ensure successful event. That is when Rumble Talk comes in to fill in the blank spot left by either video streaming technology and twitter.

With our top of the line technology for web chat platform, Rumble Talk provide the best chat for all kinds of live events you manage and organize. We provide event organizers the cutting edge technology to bring their event to a wider audience .

Why Do We Need Chat for Live Event?

Although Internet has created a great impact in our live, event management still needs to explore more of the Internet to manage a successful event. A chat for live event is what every event organizer needs, because we have see a shortcoming of streaming media and twitter in managing a live events over the Internet. The only visible solution is to add chat for live event to accompany video streaming and twitter.

Conference, seminar, discussion, tutorial, talk show; all events that have speakers and Q&A session surely needs chat for live event. When the event is broadcasted live through the video streaming, more audience can attend the conference remotely in their living room or anywhere their location is. Then a chat room will give a wider audience to and moreover, chat for live event provides the convenience for remote attendance to submit a question in Q&A session. Where moderator to submit questions directly to the speaker, and the speaker can answer the question via chat room or answer the question directly to all audience.

This will enable the conference’s event organizer to serve segregated audience: those who attend the event in place, and those who attend the event remotely. For audience in the conference room, they can have the pleasure of viewing the event at the location. While for remote audience, combining video streaming and chat for live event will give them convenient way to interact better with event.

Benefit of Rumble Talk Chat for Live Event

Hustle and bustle of preparing a live event is surrounding around logistic and event preparation. It is law of nature that when you organize bigger event, you need to prepare for bigger logistic. You need to take care of bigger event venue, more food and refreshment, more parking space for attendance, more challenges in traffic and transportation, and many others.

Those expanding commotion will not happen when you prepare the audience to attend and communicate your live event via Rumble Talk. You can expect bigger event without having to worry on bigger logistics issue. You can use your current venue, your present food catering, and parking lot, while on the same time you can reach wider audience for your live event. That is the true benefit of Rumble Talk chat for live event. We will talk about interactive event for radio and television with chat on our next article. We will be able to see how Rumble Talk technology can provide TV and radio station to a better broadcasting service.
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New Experience for Live Radio Chat Room

Live radio chat music

An English rock band, Queen released a song entitled ‘Radio Ga Ga’ in 1984. The song told a story of how television overtook the radio for entertainment and news broadcast. Queen called it Radio Ga Ga when radio slowly became just a background noise. But… fast forward to 31 years, time has passed and radio is still here and has evolved to become a more than just background noise. Now, advancement of Internet technology can arm radio station with live radio chat room to become more advanced.

Interactive Live Radio Chat Room

Do people still listen to radio today?
Surprisingly, so many research conducted showed that huge percentage of people still listen to the radio. The majority of people are listening to radio when driving car or while performing other activities. Radio advertising also still works well to promote a product, especially for specific target audience.

Radio has not become obsolete because of its convenient to listen casually. People do not have to dedicate their time to listen to radio, unlike watching television or movie. With such comfort, radio still supply its service to millions of people worldwide.

Along with the advent of Internet radio broadcast in 1994, radio now can reach millions of people worldwide. Although, most people listen to radio casually, but the first Internet radio broadcast was a radio talk show called Internet Radio Talk. It is necessary for Internet radio station to equip themselves with live radio chat room, to enable listeners to communicate interactively with the station.

Internet radio broadcast will surely need live radio chat room in order to get their listeners profile. In the days before Internet radio, there was limited area for radio to be received, normally FM or AM radio broadcast could only be listened in one city area. However, with the Internet radio, such limitation is now broken. A small town Internet radio that broadcasted from some remote place can be listened by people in the other side of the globe. It is now common for Internet radio station to have a dedicated listeners in other country. Interactive chat and communication with listeners will give radio station better understanding of the people who listen to their station.

Chat Room to Reach Listeners

Now, here comes the question for a radio station of how to engage and reach out those listeners effectively. Since Internet technology has been used to broadcast radio program, why not utilize the same technology to reach listeners?

Using the same Internet technology, radio can now reach out the listener with live radio chat room. Rumble Talk with its eminent chat platform has provided the best platform for every station needs to furnish themselves with live radio chat room.

Availability of live radio chat room facilitate radio station, especially Internet radio station to connect to more listeners. Therefore, radio broadcast become more vibrant and dynamic with listeners’ interaction. Live radio chat room can be used for song request, discussing specific issue for radio talk show, or simply a casual chat room.

When Internet radio listeners have access to request song, radio station will be able to understand the listeners’ preference. They can provide a and deliver a better music program. On talk show, radio talk show with chat room will generate deeper and augmented discussion of the topics, because listeners from around the world will surely have different view of a particular issue. A casual chat room will create a bond between listeners and radio station, because listeners can interact with their favorite radio station and have a casual chat just like the the old-time-radio that address their listeners casually.

Best Live Radio Chat Room

For that purpose, Internet radio station must select the best live radio chat room that suits their requirements. First, Internet dadio chat room must be able to be accessed easily, provide less requirement to install application in both radio station and listeners gadget is a desired requisite. Second, chat room should also be able to setup easily in radio station website to minimize the hassle of installation and configuration. Third, A live radio chat room should help the radio station to reach listeners easily, instead of creating more tumult with installation, configuration and tiny details like users’ registration and maintenance.

Rumble Talk provided those three benefits, with its minimized primary steps to setup chat room for your radio station. Rumble Talk advanced platform requires no installation on radio station website. A simple registration process and a copy of code embedded in your website will give a chat room capability in an instant.

Rumble Talk provides more than just a chat room, we provide a chat platform for radio station needs. Our chat platform is capable to handle video or audio calls and a short audio message. With this audio message facility, radio DJ can ask listeners to send their audio message and broadcast them during live on-air. For the security, we provide a top-notch enhanced security technology with SSL connection, plus capability to block spam with our AntiSpam and Word Black List.

Our list of satisfied customers is an evidence of Rumble Talk capability to provide a live radio chat room. With Rumble Talk, radio station will sing ‘Radio Ga Ga’ proudly, because Internet radio station is more than just “a background noise”, but radio that will reach its finest hour.

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Best Benefits of Using a Group Chat for Stocks Traders

stocks traders chat room for websites


The Internet Trading Revolution

We see how Internet has changed so many aspects of our life. Even now, with the advent of Internet of Things, we will see more of Internet pervasively enter our life. Stocks trading and financial market is also affected by the huge wave of Internet. As we have discussed in the previous articles that Internet has given birth to social trading, where people can follow the top trader with a series of pre-programmed trading instruction or known as algorithmic trading, or with copy trading and mirror trading. We also have discussed how day trading activities become a daily routine and full time job for some people, where they make a living by trading in the financial market.

stocks trading chat room for your website
Get your own Chat for Stocks Traders

There are so many opportunities and challenges the Internet has offered. All of those phenomenon from algo trading, copy trading, social trading, day trading can be summarized into one term: online stock trading. Previously, stocks trading was only limited by the stock brokers and stock traders who traded in the Stock Exchange. Online stock traders was not something that stock brokers knew before the end of the 20th century. It was until the late 1990’s, online stock trading started to offer services to retail customers with their online trading service. Nowadays, online stock trader and their trading activities has become a normal activities in the stock market.

The History of Group Chat for Stocks Traders

With the socialization of stock market and other financial markets, where ordinary people can trade stock online, there are two different perspective. People can see it as either be a negative of positive. It all depends on the perspective of how we see this phenomenon. People who sees online stock trader and ease of access to stock trading will relate to the online stock trading with the story of Joseph Kennedy and Black Tuesday, the stock market crash in October 1929. The worst event in the history of US stock market that made $ 5 billion of market capitalization was lost from New York Stock Exchange in just three days.

Joseph Kennedy survived the market crash because he listened to some shoeshine boys prediction and common people about the potential collapse. He withdrew the stock just a few days before the stock market really crashed, and he managed to save his million dollars profit. Kennedy, whose son became the 35th president of USA, followed the advice of a the shoe shine boys, which was proven true. Based on that testimony, some people see a negative perspective for common people to have access to stock market.

Stocks Trading are for All

While others sees the online stock trading as the opportunity for common people to have access to financial market as well as wealth distribution. The wealth generated by big corporations and enterprises can now be accessed by common people with online trading. A housewife can have a blue chip stock because of the availability of online stock trading.

Both perspective needs a balancing tools to balance the views and create a healthy market. People who have negative perspective of online stock trader need to educate people of stock trading wisely, thus reducing the possibility of loss and market crash. While the positive perspective will have to double check their optimism, because not all people accessing the online stock trading has the good intentions. They have to keep reminding people that although stock market is a promising venture, but it has some potential downsides. Therefore it is essential to remind people to be cautious in online stock trading.

Group Chat for Stocks Traders provides this balancing tools. Whether to educate people of how to invest and become online stock traders, or to remind potential downside, Group Chat for stocks traders is the right tool, because we understand that every parties related to stock market, whether brokers, trading companies to stock exchange authorities, all have the needs to spread information about the right and safest way to invest in online stock trading. Traders Group Chat room provides just exactly what is needed to educate the people and market.

RumbleTalk is a solid web chat platform built using HTML5 latest technology, it has everything online stock trading needs for chat and communication channel. With our superior technology, you can utilize multiple communication method such as:

  • Upload Charts and Images
  • Upload Files like pdf files, docs, excel and Other files
  • Send short Audio message to the group
  • Sending YouTube and Vimeo video to the chat room
chat for stocks traders features - upload files to the
Upload Charts, Diagrams and Share files with the group

When you conducting a chat with online traders (group chat) visiting your website, it is necessary to be able to attach images, pictures and even charts to the chat room, so you can explain the point more precisely. You are also able to attach documents, excel files, presentations and pdfs directly to the chat room.

RumbleTalk still has more features, to prove that it is entitled to be named the best chat for stocks traders. One of which is the ability to attach the audio message and video in the chat room.

When you have a youtube or vimeo video you want to in the show to the chat room, you can easily do that, just copy and paste the video url and it will show immediately. This is important especially to explain a complex concept such as trading wisely and smart in online stock trading. A video will ease the explanation and understanding of concepts. Then you can have a Q&A session after the video is played to increase understanding and comprehension.

We have explained top of the line features of web chat that RumbleTalk provides. As you can see, communicating and training your traders and people who wants to start online stock trading is very easy with RumbleTalk. You can even create your own podcast with RumbleTalk.

>> Get your own Chat for Stocks Traders 

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