1,2,3 –> Launch……………..

Rumble Talk was launched today, after 5 months of beta and private beta.
We have created a cool Chat Intro movie to show you what’s inside.

We are proud to show our fully features chat platform that can be added to almost anything (website, blogs, games, apps, facebook….and much more).
We continue to add features requested by you.

Many of you asked us: There are many chats out there, why RumleTalk?
Well, The Rumbletalk platform is the only platform that lets a website owner design their own chat skin. We also let website owners to stay in touch with their community from anywhere (Chat from PC, Laptop as well as Smart phones and Tablets)

Now, there are much more to why RumbleTalk, Like Archive, Black lists and beyond.
Check our features list for more information.

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